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Found 13 results

  1. Legendary LOMO OKS Russian cine lens (model OKC11-35-1), F=35 mm, f=1:2, OCT-19 mount for professional 35 mm movie cameras Konvas, Kinor, EX++ condition! Lens made in LOMO, USSR in 1982. S\N: 820379. F= 35mm, T2.2 Mount: OCT-19. Lens can be used on digital cameras RED, ARRI Alexa, Blackmagic, Canon, Sony, GH5 and other with OCT-19 adapters (cover Super 35 sensor). Ideal for rehousing or change mount to PL. Excellent condition, lens clean and clear, no scratchers, no fungus, no oil spots inside. Mechanical is good work: focus and aperture is smooch. Lens collimated and tested with BM URSA camera. Great optical picture, flares and ЛОМО bokeh! eBay price: [url]https://www.ebay.com/itm/164708642829?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649[/url] without eBay- is cheapen! email: schubert@ngs.ru Worldwide shipping. ]https://i.ibb.co/wy3Dc39/IMG-9890.jpg https://i.ibb.co/PcsD8jN/IMG-9918.jpg
  2. Hi All, I'm selling 35mm short end recans. I came into this stock a few years back, a friend worked on the Wolf of Wall Street and was able to get me there recans. I thought I would use them on a project by now but haven't got around to it and they have been kept in safe storage. I'm looking to sell footage at below price points: Kodak 5219 Vision 3 500T Color Negative - 5,817ft (Price = .25/ft) Kodak 5260 Vision 2 500T Color Negative - 400ft (Price = .20/ft) Kodak 5212 Vision 2 100T Color Negative - 3,687ft (Price = .20/ft) Kodak 5201 Vision 2 50D Color Negative - 400ft (Price = .20/ft) Kodak 5217 Vision 2 200T Color Negative - 1,395ft (Price = .20/ft) Fuji 8583 - 400ft (Price = .20/ft) Fuji 8563 - 400ft (Price = .20/ft) All recans have over 250 ft of film, some are full 400ft recans. Please PM me or email hschleiff@gmail.com if interested in purchasing. I am based in NYC, but can ship if needed. Best, Harry
  3. Hy, gays! I with friends in Russia was tasted old France 35 mm movie camera, Andre Debrie Le Parvo model L, 1930s. First video- review in Russian and test to black and white film stock Svema M3-3.
  4. Kinor 35H (9KCH-M2) - Russian professional 35 mm movie camera set The camera have OCT-19 lens mount, synchro sound (-32db), full working, tested, excellent condition. FULL SET! Original LOMO OKC lens, follow focus, magazines, matte box, power supply, support, accessories, cases! The set included: Camera body- Kinor 9KCH-M2, last series, made in 1992. Modified to "N" perforation (Kodak Negative), 4 perf. standart 1,37:1 gate. The motor controller upgraded to variable speeds: 4,6,8,12,16,18,24,26,28,32 fps and reverse speed! 24 and 25 fps- crystal synch speeds. Camera in excellent working condition, serviced. S/N: 920117 LOMO OKC lens set, original, from one factory set. OCT-19 mount, follow focus rings. The Kinor series, made in 1988-1991, multi-coated. Excellent+++ condition, no scratchers, no fungus, no oil spots, no durst inside, smooch mechanics. 18 mm f3.1 - LOMO OKC5-18-1, S/N: 910110 22 mm f2.3 - LOMO OKC3-22-1, S/N: 910010 28 mm f2.2 - LOMO OKC7-28-1, S/N: 900259 35 mm f2.2 - LOMO OKC11-35-1,S/N: 919158 50 mm f2.2 - LOMO OKC1-50-6, S/N: 900312 75 mm f1.6 - LOMO OKC14-75-1M (speed), S/N: 910006 100 mm f3.1 - LOMO OKC2-100-2, S/N: 880044 150 mm f3.1 LOMO OKC1-150-1 S/N:800098 Film magazines: 150 m (500ft)x 2, 300m (1000ft)x 1 Accessories: Original Kinor plate and support Matte box short and long viewfinders shot handle with remote control cable 220v AC power supply Battery Charger 12v power cables Repair kit (reflex shutter, film greifer mechanism, and other new parts) Original aluminium and wood cases (included 5 cases: 1- camera body, 2- lens set, 3- 500ft mags, 4- 1000ft mag, 5- matter box, battery and accessories) Worldwide shipping, email: schubert@ngs.ru
  5. KONVAS 1KCP-1M 35 mm Russian Movie camera set NEW UNUSED condition NEW, UNUSED stock camera 1974 year, open box, tested with film KONVAS-AUTOMAT 1KCP-1M 35 mm film professional Russian movie camera, full factory set, unused, NEW condition, open box and tested with film and battery. Full working excellent condition, all like new. The Set included: Movie camera body, OCT-18 lens mount, S/N: 740745 Stabilized motor 15EPCC Power supply unit 8,16,24,32 fps Magazines 60 m x 5 Original tool kit (oil, brash) Power cable x2 Battery- no original User manuals to camera and motor (Russian) Original case Price: 400USD+ shipping Worldwide shipping.
  6. KONVAS-AUTOMAT 1KCP-1M 35 mm professional Russian movie camera set. Full working condition, tested with film and battery. The Price: 200USD+ shipping Email: schubert@ngs.ru OCT-18 lens mount. Made in USSR in 1991 The set included: Movie camera body, S/N: 916780 Stabilized motor 15EPCC Motor cable Magazine, 60 m x1 Power supply unit: 8,16,24,32 fps. Battery: no original. I can included two film mags x 60m from diffirent cameras set, extra +40USD Worldwide shipping.
  7. I found an amazing lens LOMO OKC 35mm F2 with PL mount, perfect for special, amazing pictures. It has a central hole in one of the glass gives hallowed halos around objects and boke in the shape of circle. In the movie version with a Pl mount and ARRI focus ring gear. Perfect for the Christmas lights. It is also a soft focus lens of, gives an amazing picture. Sample images from this lens:
  8. Russian 35 mm movie camera Kinor 35S (5KCN), full working condition, very good. Lens mount: OCT-19 Konvas, Kinor LOMO lens, 35 normal gate, perforation "N" crystal synch speed motor, mag 150 m, speeds: 8, 12, 16, 24, 25, 32 fps, (24,25 quartz) varispeed, noise level -32 db. Battery 18 v, made in USSR 1985. included: the camera body -weight about 15 kg, 1x magazine 150 m, battery, cable. Price: 1000USD, included worldwide shipping, or eBay price: http://www.ebay.com/itm/161909923308?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 email: schubert@ngs.ru
  9. Variety did an article with a Roger Deakins interview regarding Hail Caesar and his return to film. I'm kinda stunned by what he said. "So regarding shooting film, did the old anxiety come back, worrying about whether you got the shots while waiting on the lab reports and whatnot? Well, you know, it’s like they say riding a bike. I can’t ride a bike myself, but I’m sure it’s the same. It’s fine. We did have some problems. We had some stock issues and stuff like that, which was really disconcerting. And I’ve heard that’s happened to a lot of people lately, you know, stock and lab problems. That’s unnerving. I mean I never really remember having those kind of problems before. But it makes me nervous now. I don’t want to do that again, frankly. I don’t think the infrastructure’s there." Do you ever find yourself trying to convince the Coens to go digital? I think they were. I don’t really know, but apparently Ethan at some point was talking about shooting the next film digitally. And then it turned around. They’re really debating it. I was in Albuquerque shooting “Sicario” and they were talking about it and they said, “I don’t know how you feel about it, but I think we want to go on film.” And I said, you know, “I don’t mind. I’ll shoot it on a cell phone if you like. I don’t mind. I really don’t.” Maybe one of these days they’ll go that route. Oh, I think they will. As I say, just the technical problems with film, I’m sorry, it’s over. I don't get it, what are those problems with film stocks is he even talking about, availability or something?! (I think I read him commenting on that somewhere before that). Quite a few projects lately are being shot on film without any problem whatsoever, hell, there are a few of them in Sundance right now. I don't know, it kinda sounds to me like he just got used to digital and that going back to film for him feels like a step back, he does sound really biased to me and blaming the infrastructure (once again which seems to be working just fine for many folks) to justify not shooting on film anymore.
  10. Hey guys, I found a write-up about this in the Incamera Kodak magazine about this short film shot on 2 perf 35 mm and I just have to share it here because I think it's really superb and probably one of those very few shorts that leaves an impression on me.
  11. Hey everyone, I'm looking into the whole shooting on 35 mm 2 perf thing right now for my first "professional" short movie, and what scared me mostly about 35 mm was not being able to really see what's being shot other than on a shitty quality video tap or assist, but I read here the other day someone talking about using an HD monitor and feed it the composite signal from the camera and having a much better quality, is this really possible? I read otherwise about the HD IVS by Arri but it seems ridiculously pricey, otherwise, it seems like the Penelope has actually a pretty decent, much better video feed, what do you guys think? Love this forum by the way, so many resources !
  12. Hello, I am selling NEW rolls of 16 & 35 mm FUJIFILM that we received early April for a shooting that took place this summer. Since we bought them with a significative discount, we did not have a return option. The following are available for purchase: 17 rolls of 16 mm ETERNA VIVID 160 are available at a unit price of 65 € + Shipping 11 rolls of 35 mm ETERNA VIVID 250D are available at a unit price of 110 € + Shipping These rolls have been stored in a cold and dry place. They can be picked up in Brussels or shipped at your location. A more detailed listing including pictures for these film rolls can be found on Ebay: http://www.befr.ebay.be/itm/NEW-FUJIFILM-35mm-ETERNA-VIVID-250D-122m-400-feet-ARRI-AATON-KODAK-/111182279217?pt=FR_JG_Photo_Camescopes_Cameras&hash=item19e2faf231 http://www.befr.ebay.be/itm/NEW-FUJIFILM-16mm-ETERNA-VIVID-160-122m-400-feet-ARRI-AATON-KODAK-/111182279220?pt=FR_JG_Photo_Camescopes_Cameras&hash=item19e2faf234&_uhb=1 If have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Rolls can be bought online though Ebay or directly by contacting me. :) Jonathan
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