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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, Good People! I’m a one-man band, DIY type filmmaker and frequently find myself acting as my own cinematographer (and literally everything else unfortunately). I have great respect for the craft and would love to improve my skills until I can afford a proper professional to do the job. I’ve been shooting my own stuff forever and feel like I’ve lost perspective. Nice images aren’t enough and I need to work on my shot choices and motivation. People were very kind about it on reddit and I'm just looking for some different perspectives. I made this short (starring my mom) for a competition. I used the one LED panel I had to fill in some spots, but 95% was shot with DIY practicals ( loose light bulbs, mobile phones, etc...) and a whole lot of duct tape to keep them in place! ? Any tips or feedback would be tremendously appreciated! Thanks again! Here's the short: P. S. This was shot on the BMPCC4K with a 50mm f1.2 SLR Magic lens.
  2. Humbly... This is a simple street level view from my perspective, of a day I spent in Burbank, California. BURBANK Shot with a Canon C100 mk1 and an L Series 24-105mm F4 lens. Thanks for the views and critiques.
  3. Dear Cinematographers, Testing out Krasnogorsk-3. I need dummy stock in order to practice loading it, therefore does anyone know where I can acquire some? Sincerely Grateful, Kurt Cassidy-Gabhart
  4. I am still new to cinematography. Really need some advises from you. How can a amateur like me shoot a film as professional as possible? Is it more important in equipment or in skills?
  5. I've became really passionate with Cinema in the past 3 years, and before that I was already passionate about photography, for about 6/7 years now. And so I've decided that I'd like to experiment on this journey of filmmaking since it's something I quite enjoy doing and am currently studying. There's a lot of independet DSLR filmmakers now which is amazing. And so I've decided to buy a new camera! From my previous experience with photography, I'm more of a Canon fan since I first started with the classic Canon AE-1. I don't really have a big budget, but I'd like to invest in something that has quality and is worth the price, and that will be able to last me a couple of years until something greater comes along or I am able to afford a better one. Since I am between photography and filmmaking, I was looking for a camera with both. Or would it be better to just invest in a filmmaking camera? (I own a Canon 1000D for photography, but it doesn't capture video.) And if I do go for a DSLR with both photography and video, I thought about Canon 70D, since I can't afford a Canon 5D and I think it might be a little out of my league yet. So please, I'd appreciate some opinions if possible! :)
  6. Hi Cinematography.com, I'm a second year film student and an aspiring cameraman/D.O.P. I am currently working as a junior editor at a production house for the summer, and am wondering what I should invest my money on once I've compiled enough when school starts! At the moment, I am wondering if I should invest in two decent lenses, lights, filters, and grip stands instead of a camera body such as GH4 + lens. The reason is because I will have another year of school, which means access to cameras such as F3 (Hell even Bolex h16) till April 2015 + 6 months graduation equipment rental blessing from my college, and by then I'm kind of worried that the next best deal will be released. Also I am not too crazy about 4K resolution or slow-mo... I'd much rather prefer that Wes Anderson X Robert Yeoman look or films by Hirokazu Koreeda. (I am a wide-lens fanatic) So my question is, would it be a wise choice to invest in equipments other than a camera body? Or should I be focusing my attention on something else? I'm hoping whatever I will squeeze out of my 5 grand will help me on the long run rather... If you can help me with my inexperienced and confused self, then it is very much appreciated. THANK YOU.
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