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  1. Great creativity here, the macro and anamorphic combination really sells it.
  2. I enjoyed both of these. I love your use of natural light and lens choices to tell the story. I only wish I had the means to work with film. Truly, nothing can compare to the look.
  3. I was on the fence with the Pocket but I think you've sold me on it. It's clearly your eye and talent for framing a shot that makes the difference here though. The use of time-lapse, slow motion, and movement feels really natural and looks great. The editing is paced perfectly, I'm just really impressed with what you were able to accomplish with such a minimalist approach. The only critique I have, which is clearly a limitation of the Osmo, is the lack of dynamic range. That said, you diverted my attention away from that with what is otherwise excellent creativity and talent.
  4. I'm new around here but I love this. The POV is great, the editing is paced perfectly, I love the use of speed, and numerous angles. The content is great too, very immersive.
  5. Personally, I think it's fantastic! I love the lighting, use of color, and framing.
  6. I was at the Holiday Inn Burbank Media. I enjoyed a nice suite on the west aspect, allowing me to catch the high angle shots of the freeway. The room had plenty of windows to shoot from but they were really quite dirty. It was a bit frustrating.
  7. Humbly... This is a simple street level view from my perspective, of a day I spent in Burbank, California. BURBANK Shot with a Canon C100 mk1 and an L Series 24-105mm F4 lens. Thanks for the views and critiques.
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