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Found 19 results

  1. Has anyone experienced this??? We have two C300's (one PL the other EF) where the cameras resets itself, and loses all of the custom settings loaded onto the camera. I've found (through vigorous searching, frustration, beating my head against the wall, then finally reading the Op Manual) that the cameras internal battery charges every time that it is plugged into house power, but our C300's are rarely plugged into house power!!! So My ultimate question of the day is: Other than keeping the cameras hooked up to house power, what would YOU do?
  2. The camera has 1426 hours mainly from studio broadcast use. Includes four 128GB SanDisk CFast 2.0 cards ($1200 value). This package purchased new would cost $11,200. Five cards are pictured but only four will be included. Selling to move on to RED for different work. I am the second owner. Includes 1 BP-A30 battery and charger. All buttons and slots fully functional. Cards have cosmetic blemishes but work perfectly. Cheers!
  3. Canon CN-E Prime Lenses 24mm T1.5, 35mm T1.5, 50mm T1.5 In excellent condition. EF mount, covers S35 and full frame. Asking $3400 CAD ($2600 USD) each. Contact info@johnker.com. More photos available. Lenses are located in Toronto, Canada.
  4. Element Technica Micron camera mount with LW 15mm rail mount, dovetail, padded shoulder mount, and riser plate. This works with most Sony F series cameras (FS700, FS-7, FS-5, F-5, F-55, F-3) and Canon C series cameras (C100, C200, C300, C500). The mount is in great shape with only a few minor scuffs to the anodization. Works great, but I don't have access to an FS-7 camera anymore. :( This is being sold as a complete set, so don't ask me to part is out. PM me for details. This is a duplicate listing because I can't delete the original and this is a better picture of the camera moun
  5. Hi, all! I'm looking for a C300 body to purchase. My email is paullee1324@gmail.com.
  6. Hey guys! I hope you are all doing well. I have a short film coming up soon that will be on the C300 mk1 (due to my film school's availability) and I am looking for some advice on using them with the Hawk 1.3x V-lites. It seems that it should work in theory but have not seen any examples of people doing this in the past. Since the C300 mk1 does not have a desqueeze, I already anticipate having to get a third party monitor (SmallHD?) to desqueeze. Also they seem to be quite a hard lens to track down even here in Los Angeles. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to find th
  7. Hi yall $7400 I have a Canon C300 with extras here. The camera was used for interviews on a documentary and some b-roll, 672 hours. It has been lightly used and well-cared for, never dropped. I have thoroughly enjoyed this camera. Terrific image, lightweight, robust, great for documentary and travel as well as TV and cinema. Feel free to ask any questions. I would consider breaking the package up. I am in Atlanta if youd like to check it out or pick up locally. Shipping cost will vary by location. more photos upon request call or email me 12@brettmayfield.com 404.408.5951 Included
  8. Hi yall I have a Canon C300 with extras here. $8200 for the kit. all photos are here: http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=22953&do=findComment&comment=112862 The camera was used for interviews on a documentary and some b-roll. It has been lightly used and well-cared for, never dropped. I have thoroughly enjoyed this camera. Terrific image, lightweight, robust, great for documentary and travel as well as TV and cinema. Feel free to ask any questions. I would consider breaking the package up. I am in Atlanta if youd like to check it out or pick up locally. Shipping c
  9. Hi! I am looking to buy a new camera and am deciding between the Canon C100 Mark II and the C300. I plan to use it for independent docs but will also use it for making real estate videos or home tours. I was originally set on buying the C300 because I thought it was a much better camera, but after doing some research I am not sure that is true. Is it a better investment to buy the C100 Mark II or the C300? Thanks! -Amanda
  10. Hi all, Hope you are all well. It would be great to get some feedback on my reel. Any comments are welcome. Cinematography Reel https://vimeo.com/115711277 Kind Regards,
  11. For sale, Movi M10 bought in February 2014 (I'm going for a heavier setup so I will need the M15). First-hand. I am the only one to use it on my own projects. Very well maintained. Perfect working conditions. Presents a few surface scratches. VERY IMPORTANT: I offer a day of training to the new owner. I will give him all the advices he need to choose the right accessories for his Movi. I will be available in New York starting from 10th of January 2015. I can also make a delivery in Paris at no additional cost. Comes with: -01 x transport case Pelican/Storm Case 'Cinema Oxide' 700usd New. Wa
  12. So I'm on a project that is based around multirotor helicopters. Needless to say I have a lot of gopro footage coming my way. I was wondering if anyone had any advice or leads to good resources on matching gopro footage and cinema log footage in the grade I would be much appreciated! Here is what I've been capable of so far. Ignore the last 18 minutes it's black video there was an encoding error. http://youtu.be/Isge70aoLtE
  13. I have been having an issue when color grading lately with the C300. After the grade, most blacks that are below 40 IRE seem to be artifacting like crazy on youtube. Whereas I don't see this from other people's work. Ive tried these encode settings in adobe media encoder, Quicktime MOV, h264 55'000 kbps 1920 x 818 Quicktime MOV, h264 35'000 kbps 1920 x 818 Quicktime MOV, h264 25'000 kbps 1920 x 818 Quicktime MOV, Prores 444 1920 x 818 But all of them just aren't cutting it and I dont know what I'm missing. My blacks are generally not brought down to 0 becau
  14. can the C300 output 25p? I know it can record 25p internally but if using an external recorder is it possible? would you just record 50P then?
  15. Hello! I'm wondering what you folks think about this. My goal is to use it sort of as a teaser on my website, in order to get producers to click through to my portfolio where I have projects in their entirety. I'm wondering if this is effective? Or maybe it looks amateurish? Or maybe the older producers out there who aren't used to ingesting media in bite size bits might have a seizure watching this? What are your thoughts?? Thanks :)
  16. Has anyone report any fan error messages with the EF Version of the C300??? I've been having that issue with mine, it still works fine after clearing out the message, but that kind of error message worries the crap outta me!!!
  17. I saw this awesome video the other day by Garrett Shannon and I'm trying to figure out how he lit the interview/talking head portion. It's very clean and very soft, and I would like to figure out how to light something like that. If anybody has any idea please share it here! BTW you can watch the video online here: https://vimeo.com/51228350 Cheers, Mark
  18. Hi guys! A while ago I shot an advert with my friend's C300 and on a couple of shots the image had a green-ish hue. It wasn't that bad and we were able to fix it rather easily in CC. A week or so ago, my friend shot a video (using his C300) and he had the same problem only it was 10 times worse. He was shooting in a „golden” room and all that gold turned out to be a pretty sick green, which wasn't that easy to correct. Both situations were tungsten lit(no color filters, only diffusion), and shot through the same set of old Zeiss High Speed T1.3 lenses. So.. is it be the ca
  19. Hey Guys, I'm trying to sell my: Stealth Standard 40.5" Kessler Slider (just sent it to kessler to check out and make sure it's in perfect shape) Custom C300 Gear and a case. Here are my posts on Craigslist: http://newyork.craig...3568283838.html http://newyork.craig...3566544738.html http://newyork.craig...3566435846.html Thanks! I also have some more film gear I'm selling soon on Ebay, so inquire if you have anything else your looking for. I'm shedding weight for my new apartment in NYC that is not as big as the old one. Best, Andrew Wonder
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