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  1. Hello! Looking for FF4 or 5 with 19mm adapter, LMB with 3-stage, and a full set of regular Tiffen ND. Please email me directly at matthewballarddp@gmail.com as I'm not no here much. Thanks in advanced! M
  2. Looking for a full set of S16 Supers and 8-64. Only looking for sets with at minimum 9.5, 12, 16, 25. Any leads appreciated 🙂 Email is matthewballarddp@gmail.com
  3. Nice to meet you Dave! Looking forward to the updates. Tyler where are you teaching in LA?
  4. It's a shame really... It's odd that they are literally no where in Los Angeles. Good to find that some other people shared the same struggle, hah. Thanks for the input Christopher.
  5. Great, thanks so much for the info David.
  6. Hey Tyler. As David said, I do believe the Hawk makes 1.3x for the S35 sensor. Since the C300 is 1920x1080 I would really not to prefer to extract a 2.35 out of the 2x as we would be losing significant resolution. I am already planning on trying to work with Panavision in the future. For this project though we don't have to pay for the C300 and of course the budget is quite tight. Hey Adrian, I think it would but it would just be too wide and then you would have to pillar box the image as I stated above. The C300 comes in both PL and EF and I will be using the PL mount. I would really prefer to use anamorphic glass instead of converters or filters. David do you know where I can rent a set of the 35mm 1.3xs here in Los Angeles? Thanks for your input.
  7. Hey guys! I hope you are all doing well. I have a short film coming up soon that will be on the C300 mk1 (due to my film school's availability) and I am looking for some advice on using them with the Hawk 1.3x V-lites. It seems that it should work in theory but have not seen any examples of people doing this in the past. Since the C300 mk1 does not have a desqueeze, I already anticipate having to get a third party monitor (SmallHD?) to desqueeze. Also they seem to be quite a hard lens to track down even here in Los Angeles. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to find this lens for rent? All the best, Matthew
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