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Found 8 results

  1. $63.5k 1x ARRI 416 Plus Body brand new and never used bought directly from Arri 1x Arri IVS 3x 400ft Magazine 1x ELOKUVAKNOEPAJA Gold Mount Battery Plate W/ Built In Wicam Analog – HD Video Converter 1x ELOKUVAKNOEPAJA Top Plate, side plate and Top Handle. 1x Arri Rubber Eyecup 1x Eyepiece Extension 1x Dovetail 1x ARRI LWS-5 1x ARRI BP-10 1x SRB-2 1x ARRI 416 Shutter Tool 1 1x Ground Glass 1.78 1x New Custom aluminium case 1x magazine case.
  2. For Sale : Sony Venice 2 Camera Package Hours : 98 Price : $77,000 US Link : https://broadcastsolutions.com/product/sony-venice-2-camera-package/ Includes : Arri Cage System(3) 2TB AXF-A1TS66 Cards(1) AXS-AR3 Thunderbolt Reader
  3. Arri Alexa Mini Camera Body Serial # 22997 Price is 29K US. New Sensor Installed 11-20-2022 Current Hours On New Sensor : 116 Includes: 4:3 & Arriraw Licenses Arri MVF-1 Viewfinder w/Cable & Spare Cable Arri Titanium PL LDS Mount w/LBus Connector Arri CBP-1 Compact Bridge Plate For Alexa Mini-19mm 3x Arri RMB-3 Rod Mounting Bracket Arri Gold Mount Power Splitting Box MkII Arri RAB-1 Rear Accessory Bracket Arri RAB-1 Clamp Arri MAP-2 Adapter Plate w/Rod Support For Alexa Mini 2x Arri MAP-1 Adapter Plates Arri MVB-1 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket For Alexa Mini Arri CCH-2 Center Camera Handle & Extension 2x Arri MSB-1 Bracket For Alexa Mini Arri Swivel Antenna CameoGear 24v AC Power Supply (3pin) w/AC Cable 3-Pin To Lemo 24v Camera Power Cable Element Technica 12″ Dovetail Wooden Camera A-Box Transvideo StarlitHD5-Arri 5″ OLED Monitor w/2x Arri Bus Interface Cable & BNC Noga Arm For Starlite 2x Arri EXT-RS Adapter 6x 256GB Angelbird CFast Cards Omega Shipping Case
  4. Serviced By Andree @ AM Camera Price : 103K USD Lens not included 1 x Arriflex 416 Plus Camera Package 1x Arri Plus Camera Body 1 x 416 Integrated Video System (IVS-2) 4 x 416 - 400ft Magazine 1 x Arri Heated Eyepiece 1 x On/ Off Pistol Grip 1 x Arri 416 Antenna 1 x Arri clip on Shoulder Pad 1 x 416 Left Rod Bracket 1 x 416 Base plate 1 x 416 Base plate Sled 1 x 416 Low Mode Support Set 1 x Handle 7 x OBB-2 On Board Battery (re-celled and working perfectly) 2 x OBB-2 On Board Battery (older and non functional - if wanted for repair) 3 x 416 On-board Battery Charger 3 x power cable 1 x Changing Bag 2 x 300mm x 19mm Rods 1 x Transvideo Rainbow II Monitor 1 x Hirose6 to Fisher4 - Power & Video for minimonitor Arri 2 x 100mm x 15mm Rods 2 x 200mm x 15mm Rods 2 x 300mm x 15mm Rods 1 x Tilta Universal Handgrip System 1 x Large Custom Peli Case wheels 1 x Medium Custom Peli Case 1 x Medium Custom Metal Case
  5. I was listening to Good. The Podcast and the interviewee is Sean Porter (Green Book, Kumiko the Treasure Hunter) and he mentions how in the past some cinematographers were able to get work because they own a cinema camera package. After listening to this my friend and I are interested in investing in a package. My friend wants to invest in an Alexa Classic - mainly due to budget - but is it really a good idea to buy one in today's market? I know that having work experience, lighting knowledge, networking etc really help to get opportunities but I'm wondering from other's experiences if owning a camera package vs not owning one has really affected work opportunities? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey everyone, I am currently selling an Arriflex SR Regular 16mm camera package. Here are the contents: Camera: Arriflex 16SR Regular 16mm Camera in Arri B/S mount Three magazines Batteries XLR cables Other power cables and battery chargers Magazine covers Eyepiece cup Handgrip Monitor: Sony B&W monitor Accessories Mounting equipment Cables Film: Some 16mm scratch film Crystal Control Speed: Crystal Control Speed that allows any framerate up to 75p. Cables for that and other accessories PM me with your best offer or if you want to see pictures! Or email me at tonymdupre@gmail.com Thanks!
  7. Please Contact : sales@broadcastsolutions.com
  8. I'm shooting a super low budget feature soon and am currently working on the gear package. The entire production budget is around $50k shooting in 12 days. Looking at local rental house catalogs, I'm not able to find a low enough day rate for a basic camera, grip and electric package. A c300 rig with a few Joker HMIs, 2 Kino 4x4s, some Arri tungstens and basic grip gear is still way too expensive. What equipment tricks do people use for micro budget features like this? Thanks.
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