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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, I'm looking to start a discussion on getting insurance for your camera and gear in the U.S.. Not necessarily production insurance, but I guess that can be a part of the chat as well. The last post on this topic seems to be from 4+ years ago. If you have a 16MM Arri/Aaton, lenses, tripod, accessories, etc - you're looking at $15K value on the low end. Depending on your specific gear and if you have a production company/more gear, can be $50k-$100K plus. It's important to protect our valuable gear in case shit happens. I'm looking to get a policy on my recently acquired SR2, lenses, Sacthler tripod, and other accessories. What company do you all use? Athos Insurance seems to be a popular one. Any experiences with them? And how do you determine the value of your gear? Market/eBay price? Price you purchased? I'd probably list out everything I want insured and it'll be in the range of $15k-$25K. Any general tips, stories, or recommendations for gear insurance? Thanks in advance, this forum has been a great resource to me. 😁
  2. Most UK parcel posting companies have a max. loss or damage insurance value of £2500. Any advice on posting photo gear above that value, to EU or further abroad?
  3. Wow... I just sat through slew of films that had anywhere from 10 - 75(!) percent of the film that was out of focus :blink:. A nightmare scenario for a low-budget producer (or any, I might add) would be to see that the dalies are unusable because they were just blurry. It didn't stop those intrepid producers (God bless 'em!) but the question now arises: What aspect, if any, of insurance would cover such a gaff(er)? E & O? General Liability? The completion bond? Or does the production just "eat it" and move on? Anyone have any experience with dealing with such an issue?
  4. Hi everybody, Can anyone recommend an insurance company to cover my gear? Preferably one that you've dealt with before or even made a claim with. I'm not looking to rent it out to anyone else, it's just for my own use. Thanks!
  5. Hello, What is the most efficient, safest, yet cost effective way to purchase a set of lenses from Europe while living in Los Angeles? Buying directly from owner. The owner is hesitant about sending lenses overseas without full payment as I am hesitant about having them sent from overseas after I have paid for them. What about insuring them properly, import/export duties, etc? The set is valued at about $17,500 USD. Any information would be very helpful. Long time listener, first time caller! - Ren Bradford
  6. In the new year I am looking to shoot a short film. I heard that I should probably get insurance (Gear/liability). I did a little research online and found a company called Film Emporium. Has anyone used them? Their website is http://www.filmemporium.com. Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone. I'm going to be starting a short film soon and I'm in the process of getting a quote for short-term production insurance. On the application it asks if there are any pyrotechnics involved. Are they only referring to explosions, fire and the like, or would a fog machine with a water-based solution also fall under that category? Thanks for any help.
  8. So I am just starting to purchase camera equipment and gear that I plan on using on different projects and wanted to buy insurance for it. Wanted to see what people recommended because I literally have no idea where to begin in terms of looking for insurance. Mostly I'll be either renting it to other operators/DP's I know for jobs, renting it out to jobs I work on, and for personal projects/short films. I would need something that covers gear up to $30,000 minimum but probably want at least $50,000 for equipment I plan on buying in the future. Also, I live and work mostly in the NY area but obviously I would prefer insurance that covers the equipment for international work. Thanks in advance for any help!
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