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  1. Specifically, I'm referring to activating the 'Timecode Trigger' on the indieASSIST HD Video Assist and triggering a recording on a monitor-recorder when the camera starts running. I can confirm the Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+ as being compatible, but I'm searching for alternatives besides this unit. I could not get the Video Devices PIX-E5/E7 to trigger a recording. And I've not personally tested, but I've heard from another user that the Atomos Ninja V+ is not being triggered. They had to manually start/stop the recordings. I'm curious to hear from others and their experience. I guess another way to phrase the question, albeit very technical: does anyone know of any monitor-recorders, besides the Odyssey 7Q+, that can read the 'VITC2' flag embedded in the SDI stream? It seems many monitor-recorders are only looking for the 'VITC / VITC1' flag. Thanks for any tips!
  2. SmallHD Cine 13 4K High Bright Monitor (New In Box) Price : $3,700 US Link : https://broadcastsolutions.com/product/smallhd-cine-13-4k-high-bright-monitor-nib/
  3. Canon Cine Servo 17-120mm T2.95 Zoom Lens Price : $11,000 US Also F.S. NIB Small HD Cine 13 $4,200 US (New In Box)
  4. Hello, I'm selling my OLED focus monitor TVLogic 055a. A power surge from an Arri camera has left the monitor with the SDI IN port not working. As a result, the monitor works ONLY with HDMI and can be used for anyone who does NOT work using SDI connections. Drone operators or any other operators/technicians who can work using HDMI ports can benefit from this OLED monitor at a very reasonable price. It comes with a EU mains power and the original box and packaging. It has minor scratches on the screen (not perceptible when watching picture) and normal wear and tear from using on set. All the buttons, screw threats and menu scrolling wheel are in perfect condition. I bought it for around 1.500€ brand new. Selling price: 450€ Here is the basic display specs: Size 5.5" Resolution 1920 X 1080 (16 : 9) Pixel Pitch 0.063mm Color Depth 16.7M Viewing Angle 160°(H) / 160°(V) Luminance 350cd/m2 Contrast Ratio 17000 : 1 Display Area 121(H) × 68(V) mm More on this link: http://www.tvlogic.tv/new/M_Spec.asp?sidx=92 Thanks!
  5. Selling my Flanders DM170 17” monitor. Purchased in September 2021, less than a year ago and used on a handful of projects. Includes the following: DM170 17” Monitor Original box and base/stand FSI V-Mount Battery Plate Aftermarket V Mount Plate w/ XLR and (2) D-Taps Pelican 1550 Hard Case with Custom Foam Power Cable Acrylic Screen Protector
  6. Hello Community ! (picture from the aaton ltr7 manual) - This might sound like basic questions but i must ask : 1) HOW DOES THE BEAM SPLITTER ON THE AATON LTR 7 WORKS what does the manual means by 'aaton VR30' system in the first paragraph ? 2) how do i know the one inside my LTR works ? how do i get the beam splitter signal out on a monitor ? 3) there is no connection whatsoever for video output on my ltr (no BNC - as it is sometimes apparent downside the magazine near the iso adjustment - or connector apparent near the beam splitter and so called aaton VR30), i do understand this beam splitter has an on/off position. I also do not possess the m3 allen wrench mentionned in the second paragraph but i can't even find the screw i should access to switch the BS position , or maybe it does not exist ? 4) Should i consider a better and easier alternative way to video tap on my aaton ltr7 with a micro camera through the viewfinder ? what camera and lense model is best suited for this configuration Thanks in advance, J aaton manual p20 png.zip
  7. Hello Everyone! I am a Trainee who is looking for advice from others on how they have mounted various monitors in the past. I know it isn't rocket science but I am aware there are some pretty creative solutions out there, and i'm keen to hear and share the knowledge.
  8. Great Looking Image. In Excellent Condition. Sony F55 DVF-L700 7" Viewfinder / Monitor. 1100 Nits. 1920 x 1080. Supports 4K. With Monitor Arm. Plus Power Cables. Priced at: $1575.00 Shipping and Insurance not included. Please text, call or PM. 760-505-7011. Thank you.
  9. Hey everyone, This might be a question that exposes my ignorance, but recently I was asked if I could grade a 30 minute documentary for someone. I happen to do a lot of color correction for my job as well as just for fun when I want to mess around in Resolve, so I was confident that I could do what the director was asking for (she said she wants it to look true to life, so mostly just primary corrections it sounds like). Then she told me that the footage was V-Log 4K shot on the Panasonic EVA1 and asked if I have a 4K monitor, which I don't. What I do have is an IPS 1920x1200 monitor, specifically a ProArt ASUS PA248Q, and a ColorMunki. I have graded C100, FS5ii, GH4, and even downscaled RED footage on this monitor with good results, but because she specifically asked if my monitor is 4K, I'm beginning to wonder if maybe my monitor wouldn't be accurate enough for her project. As far as I know, the only problems I would have are judging sharpness and noise, but as far as color goes it should be fairly accurate regardless of my monitor's resolution as long as I calibrate properly, right? Or is there something I'm missing here? I'd love to help with her project, but I also don't want to waste her time. What do you guys think?
  10. Hi all... Setting up a new remote head for rental, and was fully intending on purchasing Transvideos 15 cinemonitor HD as part of the package. And then an operator friend of mine mentioned when he is on the wheels he prefers a smaller size monitor to operate from, which I hadnt thought about before. But it makes sense... So the question is, for all you experienced remote head operators out there, which size monitor do you prefer when youre on a remote? Thanks in advance for your thoughtful replys...
  11. Hi folks, In the market to invest in a long term on-board monitor and have currently narrowed it down to the following options. I was curious if anyone had any experience or preference between the 2-3 options below and would be willing to share their input/advice before I make any final decision. *Transvideo Stargate V2: https://www.transvideo.eu/store/stargate *SmallHD UB703: https://store.smallhd.com/store/703-Ultra-Bright-Professional-On-Camera-Field-Monitor *FSI BM090: https://www.shopfsi.com/FSI-9-Inch-Broadcast-Monitor-p/bm090.htm (it is beefy, but do love the accurate color rendition and programmable false color) (Right now the front runner is probably the Transvideo Stargate V2, but there's such limited info I can seem to find out in the internet and there aren't any in the rental market where I most often shoot. If anyone's used and has an opinion about it I would be most grateful for your thoughts.) Thanks in advance for your time and any info you can share. Cheers
  12. Hi Everyone I am a DP from India. Often the cameras that come for shoot don't have properly calibrated monitors and viewfinders. Since there isnt always a DIT on set, different monitors have different look. Especially if the camera viewfinder doesn't seem right it's a frustrating experience. Is there a way I can calibrate the viewfinder and onboard camera monitor for the Alexa or Red cameras? I don't mind buying a device/tool to do the job. Can somebody pls suggest a solution. Thanks Varun
  13. Hi all, I am going to be shooting an old monitor in the near future, but in the test shooting noticed a lot of moire/ aliasing on the screen. If anyone has any idea how to get rid off/ reduce this, would be very interested to hear. Thanks.
  14. WTB Red 5" Touch Screen LCD Monitor Please email pricing and details to sales@broadcastsolutions.com
  15. Hi Everyone, I'm selling my Rainbow 7" monitor, like new conditions, it's a very good monitor, not the SBL model, but it's very good for every application. It's really in excellent working and aesthetic conditions, really like new. it comes with a transvideo PAG original V-lock battery plate (340 euro optional). The new price is 1700 Euro plus VAT for monitor and 280 Euro plus VAT for battery plate, I'm selling the hole package for 1200 Euro plus shipping costs. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mUrc1r4M5kJSrty20YjtPogj5y9TO98M
  16. Selling my SmallHD 1703 HDR monitor. I bought it last January and rarely use it. There is a small paint chip on the side and a small scratch in the screen protector but it is basically a new monitor. Monitor is $4000 new, and I have $764 worth of accessories. VFgadget vesa mount = $214 Gold mount battery Kit = $250 Anti reflective screen impact protector = $150 Sun hood = $150 Asking $3,500 And I will include the Pelican 1560 case I keep it in. Photos are here https://imgur.com/a/KDKvr
  17. For sale brand new TV Logic monitor 17". Cames with Pelican case. Used only 7 times. 1920x1080 resolution and 12-bit video processing performance. Pixel Pitch 0.1905mm Color Depth 1.07B Viewing Angle 178°(H) / 178°(V) Luminance 450cd/m2 Contrast Ratio 1400:1 1750 USD. Price is fixed. For more information please check web: http://www.tvlogic.tv/Monitors/M_Spec.asp?sidx=81
  18. 12" Transvideo Super Birght Field Monitor with 3DView 2x HD SDI and 2x HDMI inputs. Includes Pelican Storm iM2370 Case With Foam Includes a manual written by Alain Derobe describing the theory and basics of 3D-steroscopic shooting. Asking $3k Pick-up available in London and can ship worldwide. Contact me on Leo@PhotekFilms.com Price $8,200 new: bhphotovideo.com/c/product/886425-REG/transvideo_hd12cinevolsb3ds_12_cinemonitorhd12_3dview_s.html
  19. FOR SALE (Pre-Owned): Vision Research Flex 4K Camera Package Email For Details SMALLHD 2403 HDR 24" Production Monitor NEW IN UNOPENED BOX $3200.00 Vinten Osprey Plus Peds Qty. 4 Available Email sales@broadcastsolutions.com for pricing and details.
  20. For Sale - USED TV LOGIC 5.6 HD Monitor VFM-056WP I have a Few to choose from All have been professionally maintained and calibrated by TV LOGIC in Burbank They all are calibrated and cleaned before sale These are the WP models which have the "advanced" feature of HDMI to SDI conversion - use to be $300 extra just for that upgrade All include the original shield and AC power supply / right angle BNC / top and Bottom mounting hardware - everything included like original brand new unit - minus the box Come test it, bring a camera if you'd like Monitor only - $525.00 Monitor and P-Tap cable - $565.00 contact direct for fast easy communication: TIM@CINOFLEX.COM or SALES@CINOFLEX.COM TV LOGIC - VFM-056WP : 5.6” Light Weight Compact Viewfinder The VFM-056WP is available in two configurations and is ideal for HD-SLR production. A 6"x 4"x 1" lightweight magnesium-alloy case houses a 5.6” 1280x800 LED backlit LCD display with a full complement of preferred features, including DSLR Scale, Focus Assist, Various Scan Models, Markers, Audio Level Metering with speaker, Time code Display, HDMI loop out via HD-SDI(720p), WaveformVector Scope, Y Level Check and Range Error Check. Display Spec. Size 5.6" Resolution 1280 X 800 (16 : 10) Pixe Pitch 0.094mm Color Depth 16.7M Viewing Angle 170°(H) / 170°(V) Luminance 300cd/m2 Contrast Ratio 500:1 Display Area 121(H) × 76(V) mm Input 1 X RCA Analog Input (Composite) 3 X RCA Analog Input (Component) 1 X BNC 3G-SDI A Channel Input 1 X HDMI HDMI Input Output 1 X BNC 3G-SDI Output Audio Audio Out Analog Stereo (Phone Jack), Internal Speaker(Mono) FPGA Functions , 3G-SDI Level A/B, Audio Level Meter Display, Blue Only, Focus Assist, H/V Delay, Luma(Y') Zone Check, Marker, Max Brightness On/Off, Mono, Range Error, Temperature Adaptive Color, Time Code Display, User Aspect, Various Scan Modes, Waveform/Vector, Zoom Closed Caption Calibration Other Functions USB Firmware update by USB cable Ethernet Conversion HDMI-to-SDI, SDI-to-SDI,
  21. Looking To Purchase Red 5'' DSMC1 LCD Touch Monitors Please email details and pricing to : sales@broadcastsolutions.com
  22. Hi all, I wanted to ask to see what people are using on set as an on board color accurate monitors (7 inch or smaller). I find the SmallHD 702/502 to not be as accurate as I would like. Anyone have some recommendations? Looking forward to your thoughts :) Thank you!
  23. I resolved the issue with the camera blinking the monitor, apparently you change it from HDMI to DVI. Second problem, and more severe, is an issue where the camera will not turn back on. So here is what happens. We shoot, and when we take a break, I turn the camera and the Lilliput off. When I go to turn it back on, I here the mirrored shutter open, I turn on the Lilliput, and the Camera doesn't respond, no signal goes to the monitor, nothing. The only thing I could do is, pull out the battery, and try again. I almost wanna just Turn on the camera first, wait a while, then turn on the monitor. Has anyone had this issue. I need to solve this ASAP. I just was called last minute to shoot a project. Got towards the end of the shoot when I started having these issues. Luckily that was done, but in two weeks I got another shoot for the entire month, as well as the following two months. Please let me know, I'm anxious to hear more about this issue. -Sean
  24. Hello guys! I’ll DP soon a new short film. Unluckly the Arri Mini I asked is already out on another production and we'll be shooting with the Epic Dragon and Cooke S4. Most of the film will be handheld and on movi. I wanted to have some insights on a few doubts I have. - apart from the red LCD, I asked a smallHD monitor + BNC cable for the 1st AC so he pulls the focus remote for the whole film. Is that a good way to go? - now, for the director monitor, I’m thinking to use a Teradeck connection so I’ll have the director in a different room for there's no much space. I have never used a teradeck. Can I use it on the Movi, connected to the Epic Dragon? what’s the signal that reaches the director monitor? full HD? (keeping in mind I’m shooting 4K RAW). How’s the set up, do I plug via HDMI the Teradek to the Red? does my SDI output to the 1st AC monitor still work properly? - one side question, I’m shooting in Europe (France). Does a 2.5K HMI already requires a generator? thank you a lot for your inputs :) Stefano
  25. Transvideo 12" CineMonitorHD12 3DView Super Bright Field Monitor with 2x HD SDI and 2x HDMI inputs. In great working condition with a couple of minor scratches that cannot be seen when displaying an image. Located in London, can deliver to US or anywhere else. Includes a manual written by Alain Derobe describing the theory and basics of 3D-steroscopic shooting. Asking: $7,000.00 Payed - $11,500.00 - New: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/886425-REG/transvideo_hd12cinevolsb3ds_12_cinemonitorhd12_3dview_s.html
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