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Found 7 results

  1. Hey, so i recently got this Sankyo super8 camera for $5... It's missing a button on top just ahead of a rocker switch and I don't think the rocker does anything anymore. I believe the model is CME666. If anyone could tell me if it will still shoot I would greatly appreciate it! The motor does work and everything else on it works too.
  2. I just bought a Sankyo XL-400S from eBay. The problem was that it wasn't included with any manual nor were there any instructions to access one. The first problem is how to load the batteries. I know it takes six 1.5 V batteries, but loading it is a bit of a problem. I'm assuming it's loaded in the handgrip, but it seems like the batteries need to be loaded in a special holder and then stuck into the handgrip. Of course, this is just my guess. I'm wondering if this is true. If it's true, does anyone know where to get the battery holders? Also, does anyone know where to access the manual. It seems like my best bit is to pay $10 for a manual. Also, off topic, but does anyone have recommendations for editing equipment? eBay has a few Kodak presstape splicer kits for a pretty good deal, but I need more recommendations.
  3. Hi. I just joined this forum and am hopeful someone can solve a problem I have. I recently pulled out my old Sankyo XL-620 Super 8 camera that I had packed away to show one of my adult children. They had never seen it, we videoed those family memories. It had been stored in a sealed container for over twenty five years. When I put the batteries in the camera fired right up although the zoom is a bit stiff. Everything seems to work except the viewfinder. It's dark unless I point it at a bright light source and then all that can be seen is a dull blur. Opening the film compartment, shining a flashlight in the lens and running the camera I see lots of light coming through the film gate. In the viewfinder I can see the green indicator light flashing when the camera is running and when pointed at a very bright light source, make out the spit focus circle and the aperture scale but there is no image. It's like it has a cataract. I've often thought of getting back into Super 8 and was surprised there is still film available, but my old camera may be telling me to do something else. Any ideas what is causing this would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have just bought my first Super 8 camera. Took a risk and got it on eBay without asking any questions (as it was cheap and the seller didn't know anything about the camera so I thought if it doesn't work out it isn't the end of the world, and hey, the worst that can happen is that it looks nice sitting on a shelf, ha). I've discovered that there should be a skeleton battery holder in the battery compartment in the handle to place four AA batteries. Unfortunately it is missing. Thought I'd check on here for some expert advice. Is this a no go now or is there any way to find these battery holders without buying a whole new Sankyo for parts/repairs and hoping to use the battery holder from it? Not something I want to do just to check if this one is even working! Any help is much appreciated. Thanks, Ray
  5. Super 8 kit for sale. All carefully serviced, film tested, with clear lenses and in fully working, near mint condition. Minolta XL-84 - £149.99 (RL button intentionally removed) Canon AF514XL-S - £124.99 Canon 514XL-S + 43mm C8 wide lens - £99.99 Sankyo XL-620 - £99.99 Sankyo XL-420 - £74.99 Bolex Aspheron 4mm (55mm thread) Wide Lens - £34.99 Canon 43mm C8 wide lens - £49.99 Canon 67mm C8 wide lens - £99.99 Prices in GB Pounds Sterling. Based in London UK. billrodgersfilms@hotmail.com
  6. I have various S8 Canon AF310 : 8.5 wide angle is too short Beaulieu 6008 Pro : Heavy for travel. Chromatic abberation in tele position Canon 1014 xl-s : too heavy and I have not very sharp images in low light Sankyo Em60XL : chromatic abberation in "tele" position but compact, 24fps !, good in low light. Tremor when I Took over this camera Sankyo ES 44XL : 18fps only ! but sharp Nizo 481 : viewfinder dark in low light, I have special cell but I dislike this system. The silver aspect is good for this camera. Canon 514 xls : I don't know I'm traveling tomorrow in Thailand and I don't know which to take, I'm looking for the most sharp, light weight. I will move a lot. I have Vision 3 50D and 200T, 500T Thank you for your quick help ;)
  7. SUPER 8 STUFF FOR SALE = Bolex 680 + Aspheron Wide Lens £100 Revue TM 8 £75 Bolex Aspheron Wide Lens £30 Sankyo XL-420 £60 Sankyo XL-620 £100 Canon 514XL-S + 43mm C-8 Wide Lens £100 Canon AF514XL-S AUTO FOCUS £100 Canon 67mm C-8 Wide Lens £100 Braun Nizo 6080 Matte Box Cased Kit £300 All prices in GB Pounds. - Everything in excellent cosmetic condition, professionally serviced and fully tested. :)
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