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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I am a beginner Director of Photography and I'm still learning the camera side to things as a DOP. I'm much stronger on the lighting side than the camera side and need a little advise. I'm shooting a science-fiction story in the near future and I've done some research on lens and how to sell the Sci-fi look, and the thing that keeps popping up is Anamorphic lens. I have little understanding of how Anamorphic lenses work and will be shooting this project on the Sony F3 - From what I've gathered the chip sensor can't do Anamorphic with out a converter lens, but I heard those lessen the quality and aren't the same as the real deal. I've been watching a ton of interviews of cinematographers and they say to go with a wide Anamorphic lens and shoot everything crisp - even my professors say the same. So my question is, what is a great alternative option to a Anamorphic lens for the Sony F3? P.s. The lenses that come with the Camera from the school's rental house is a set of prime lenes (35mm, 50mm, 85mm) and Zeiss CP.2 Lenes (18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm). We are allowed to go to other rental houses but the budget is limited to around $1500 (not confirmed yet, but roughly around that). P.s.s. Also - last note - any additional tips on shooting and lighting Science-Fiction would be much appreciated. All the best.
  2. Must have the full CBK-RGB01 444 & slog upgrade (not just the slog). Price has to be reasonable, and condition at least 'very good' with no known faults. Prefer privately owned, not ex rental. I'm based in Melbourne, Australia, and will of course pay for shipping. Can pay via PAYPAL. Message me if interested. Matt
  3. Hey guys, any feedback would back amazing! The short's won several awards nationally and internationally, while being nominated for several more. Shot S-LOG, graded in DaVinci. Shot on: Sony FS700 (the opening 'dream') Sony F3 (everything else) The F3 I feel performed well, but the FS700 left a lot to be desired. Link:
  4. Having just got a recorder, I've written an entire blog post about my decision process to buy a recorder/monitor as I've been debating which to get for a long while: http://ironfilm.co.nz/which-recorder-monitor-is-best-for-the-sony-pmw-f3/ Basically my logic process then went, if: a) you have a bit more cash, get the PIX-E5 Because aside from its price (which is pricey relative to a Samurai Blade or Video Assist, however PIX-E5 is cheap compared to any of its direct competitors!) it is practically almost flawless! Especially as I feel 5 inches is the “sweet spot” for an operator’s monitor while shooting, but if you disagree there is always the PIX-E7 instead with its 7 inch screen. b) don’t mind focus peaking / waveforms / vector scopes / etc are missing, get the BMD VA! Some people don’t mind living without these and don’t see what is the big deal, others would shudder at the thought of being without them…. c) otherwise…. am left with the last choice of the three :-P Get a Samurai Blade Or at least, that is how my thought process went. Thus personally I went for the Atomos Samurai Blade, which I’ll use with my PMW-F3. It arrives next week! (it just arrived today at my reshipper service in the USA) You can now rip into me for making the wrong choice :-P Or give me tips on using them together. For instance, I think the tagging (thumbs up/down) on set feature in the Atomos recorders only can be used with Final Cut?? (even though Atomos promised it would work with other NLEs) If there is any way to make it work with Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas (or even DaVinci Resolve's editing?! Just I can't use Final Cut, as using a PC, as does everybody else I work with) please let me know.
  5. What 4x4 ND filters are recommended? (especially any more affordable ones!) Also interested in graduated ND 4x4 filters, and polariser 4x4 filters. I know the cheaper ND filters often have issues, but I'm hopeful there are some options out there which can give at least "acceptable" results relevant to the no budget indie level. I'll be using this on a Fotga DP3000 M3 matte box with Rokinon DS lenses and a Sony F3. These are the possible ones I'm looking at for now (open of course to other suggestions): http://www.ebay.com/itm/100x100mm-Neutral-Density-ND2-ND4-ND8-Gradual-ND2-ND4-ND8-filter-Kit-matte-box-/191191576133 http://www.ebay.com/itm/FOTGA-4-X4-Neutral-Density-Full-ND-ND2-ND4-ND8-filter-kit-for-Matte-box-Holder-/261153861690 http://www.ebay.com/itm/XCsource-4-x4-100MM-Neutral-Density-ND-ND2-ND4-ND8-Filter-For-Matte-Box-LF350-/310953307707 http://www.ebay.com/itm/FOTGA-4-X4-Neutral-Density-Gradual-ND-ND4-filter-for-Matte-box-Holder-FF-system-/261153856545 http://www.personal-view.com/deals/filters/other-filters-holders
  6. When I try to search for "SxS reader" they appear to be absolutely ridiculously expensive, to the point I might as well pick up a used old laptop for a hundred bucks or two hundred, and simply use it and its ExpressCard slot instead to read the SxS cards onto a portable harddrive for editing. Then I thought, perhaps searching directly for ExpressCards could find cheaper alternatives than looking for SxS readers. Indeed, I turned up this for only three bucks: http://www.ebay.com/itm/CB-USB-2-0-to-Express-Card-34-54-Converter-Adapter-Cable-for-Laptop-NEW-HOT-AU-4-/221804882370 But..... Express card /54 devices (Do not support PCL-express -based express card devices). I guess this means it will *not* read SxS cards? Because this device only works on ExpressCard devices that are actually USB devices in that formfactor. While SxS cards are using the PCI Express interface. Please tell me I'm wrong! As at only three bucks this would be awesome. (as I don't want to spend too much on this, after all the bulk of my recording media is going to be SD cards inside SxS adapters. Thus I expect I'll only rarely need to read SxS media) These are the other alternatives I've got my eye on, maybe one of them would work? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Adapter-Converter-USB-2-0-to-Express-Card-34-ExpressCard-/131482159873 http://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-2-0-to-ExpressCard-34-54-Converter-Adapter-CablesOnline-USB-XC03-/290998683868 http://www.ebay.com/itm/USB2-0-to-ExpressCard-Adapter-34mm-PC-Card-PCMCIA-Type-I-NETmate-U-450-/261934747340
  7. Hey guys and gals, About two years ago, my friend and I decided to raise money and try our hands at co-writing, directing, and shooting a short film. This is the result. I am a burgeoning cinematographer, I would love to know what you fine folk think. We shot on a Sony F-3 to AJA Ki Pro Quad in 4:4:4. We had some basic LUTs on set, mostly contrast curves. I had budgeted for Ultra Primes, but as it always goes, some funding fell out and we ended up using CP.2's. Thank you for taking the time!
  8. Does a Sony F3 still make sense to people in 2015? Because have you seen on eBay lately just how cheap they're going? :-o You can pick up a Sony F3 for similar pricing to a new BMCC. The expensive SxS media puts me off, but this appears to be an easy way to avoid that expense: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/786662-REG/Sonnet_SD_SXS_E34_SDHC_Adapter_for_SxS.html For the only extra grand or so over the cost of an AF100 or FS100 it would seem like an F3 is worth it if you're looking for an older large sensor camcorder on the ultra cheap. (as I've been seriously looking into getting an AF100 for only a grand, just so I can have an "impressive" pro looking camera to impress the brides/guests and wedding shoots, with the rest of my kit being 1x GH4 + 1x GH2 + 2x GH1. I know images is all that should matter, and appearances shouldn't matter, but in real life first impressions do matter. If a few extra hundred dollars to get an AF100 over GH2 with the same image quality, then leads to more bookings, that it is money very well spent. But then this logic dangerously leads me down the path to spend even more on a Sony F3... as then I could use the F3 on serious jobs too) For context, I also own a kitted out BMPCC (that I love love) but it can look like a glorified smartphone to some people :-/ (until they see the images produced! But again, first impressions do matter and last)
  9. Hi, This is my firts post on this forum so i would like to share with you my recent showreel: Im, 24years old cinematography student from Polish national film school in Łódź. it was shot on 35mm, arri alexa, red epic, red scarlet, sony f3 Watch, and comment :)
  10. Well as the world turns, so to do equipment lists… my kit upgrades are continuing, and so it’s with a heavy heart I’m putting my beloved, pimped-out Sony F3 kit up for sale. She’s been customised with the complete Element Technica body armour and shoulder-pad/baseplate kit, and so is solid as a rock (well… solid as 1/2” thick solid aluminium at least), and can go from sticks to shoulder-mounting in seconds. The camera is in excellent condition (336 hours usage - only about 10 of which is actual internal recording) and comes paired with the wicked Sound Devices PIX240 (and my near-genius lightweight mounting system that slides directly into the Element Technica top handle and gives you full adjustment on three different axes). She’ll give you 13.5 stops of dynamic range, an 800 ISO base sensitivity (with stupidly clean high ISOs), and 10-bit 4:2:2 1080p at up to 60fps via dual-link SDI (though you’ll need a Gemini or Odyssey 7Q for 1080p60 - the PIX only supports 60fps at 720p, 30fps at 1080p). The kit is ready-to-shoot, and includes everything you need to start shooting: camera, recorder, media, power, and all of the necessary cables. Kit includes: - Sony PMW-F3 - F3 Manual, Software Disc, XLR Microphone - Element Technica F3 Body Armour Kit - Element Technica F3 Baseplate/Shoulder-mount - 32GB SxS Card for internal recording - 3x GMP 96Whr Batteries with DTAP - 1x Sony BP-U60 Battery - Sony Battery Charger - Sound Devices PIX240 4:4:4 Recorder (records 10-bit ProRes and DNxHD) - 2x PIX Caddies - PIX Screen Protector - DTAP to Hirose Power Cable for PIX - 2x 256GB Sandisk Extreme SSDs - Berkey Systems PIX Mounting Rod - 2x 6” Handle Rods for mounting PIX to F3 - 1x HD-SDI Cable I’m looking for $9200 + shipping for the complete kit. Or $7200 + shipping for the camera bits by themselves (I’ll quite happily hold on to the PIX). EFT preferred, or PayPal fees split 50/50. Please feel free to PM me with any questions. She really does make beautiful, beautiful images - about 95% of my showreel here was shot on this camera: [video=vimeo;83572515]https://vimeo.com/83572515
  11. I'm selling my Sony F3 with the 3 Sony lenses, mattebox, rods, filter trays and travel cases for all for $10,000US. The camera has very few hours and all is in fantastic shape. Please email for pictures: layton@myaccess.ca
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