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Found 5 results

  1. The top riser of this Neewer C-stand doesn't move at all - it may have at the beginning but after meddling with it once, it doesn't move anymore. I still have a warranty but they had asked me to cover the shipping fees for return (because I bought it from amazon) which is more expensive than the product itself. So I'm hoping to sort this one out myself - please help!
  2. Hi, I have this made in Germany Kodak and I opened up the film door to make sure it was all in working order and now I can't close it. This camera is a little weird, you push a button to release the film door and I assume it is the same to close it, but it won't close. I'm a little stumped and was wondering if you guys knew anything. I'm planning on using this as my B&W camera and my Ricoh for color. Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone, I was hoping I might find someone here who has experience with a Bell & Howell 2585 projector. A few months ago, I took my K-3 for a spin, shot a roll of film and had it printed. Long story short, I had a different Bell and Howell projector at the time that I put a lot of effort into fixing so that I could watch my test roll, but eventually discovered what was really wrong with it; a cracked worm gear. So some time passed and I still wasn't able to watch my film, which was very frustrating. Eventually I ordered a Bell and Howell 2585 projector off of Ebay that was I told was in working condition. My problem is, I just got done using it for the first time, and I think I've already messed something up... Fortunately, I finally got to watch my test roll which was pretty magical, but my continuing issues with projectors have just made me really frustrated with the whole experience. First, there seems to be an issue with the autoload function. I managed to get around this by doing it manually, and I'll likely take a video of this in a little bit to show what my concerns are here, but for now this is the less pressing issue. My real problem came after I watched my film for the first time. I noticed that it seemed to be playing back at a slower rate, maybe 18 fps. I ignored this for the time being, thinking maybe this is just a setting I missed on my projector. Then, after the film finished, I did something stupid. While the leader at the end was still playing through the projector, I turned the knob to the reverse setting. I quickly realized this was the wrong way to rewind the film because the projector made a bad sound and then slowly came to a halt, so I shut it off. I then put it back in forward position, let the film continue all the way through the projector to the take up reel, and then rewound the film the proper way, just one reel to the other. My problem is that when I try to play the film now, no clear image is projected, just strange smears of light on the screen. Did I mess up my second projector already when I tried to put it in reverse with the film still in the machine? Does anyone know if this is fixable? I appreciate any advice, as my 16mm film experience has turned out to be way more frustrating than I'd hoped.
  4. Hello Recently purchased a Kodak Instamatic M22 off ebay for £10 with some new film, the listing stated it was not tested but i took a chance anyway. So it came and didn't work, turns out the batteries had corroded so i cleaned it out and popped in some new AA's, pressed the exposure and sure enough the motor buzzed away like a bee. However having opened up the catridge slot i could see that even though the motor was working the film cartridge turner thingy wasn't moving, after a browse online i found out these things have weak gears that break so i got out the screwdriver and took it apart, all the gears are in great condition so i don't know what could be causing this to not work. Any help much appreciated, thanks
  5. Hello, recently I bought a Bauer s 207 xl from eBay in unknown condition and long behold it was the victim of battery acid leakage. Unfortunately during me repairing the thing two darn wires broke, found where the first orange wire goes but this gray and green wire has me confounded and looking for answers. So here is all I know it is the close vicinity to the batt. test switch and then goes to a pot and a resister. But tracing it out and even ohming it out did not turn anything up. So this is where I'm at ether I need a service manual or if any one has this camera, to tell me where this wire goes. I will include pictures in the two media fire direct links for what the wire looks like and where it comes from. Help will be appreciated, signed Avery first time super 8 shooter. http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/98d0/ibaq29ht766idzrzg.jpg?size_id=e what the wire looks like http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/f1f6/0hiuuizfbed9ijhzg.jpg where it comes from (Sorry if these are not clickable links I am doing this from an iPad)
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