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  1. Cooke S4/i Mini Lenses 18,25,32,50,75 & 100mm Need to Purchase 2 Sets
  2. Looking to buy a Cooke Speed Panchro Series II 50mm or 75mm lens to shoot my next student short. Need one with the Arri standard mount. Please contact me with details! Thanks, Ryan Huang
  3. 14,18,25,32,40,50,75,100&135mm (135 is S4i) $154,000.00 USD
  4. 14,18,25,32,40,50,75,100&135mm (135 is S4i) $154,000.00 USD
  5. Hi I have the option to use either the cooke mini s4i or the Zeiss Master Zoom 16.5-110mm. The camera that I will be using is the Arri Alexa XT Studio. Can you guys help me choose by informing me about the pros and cons of one over the other? Just by going through the specs I have noticed that the master zooms are really really heavy (12.5kg!) so a steadicam/movi shot seems out of the equation. If anyone here has used both they can possibly share their experiences. Cheers!
  6. Hello guys, SK4 + BMPCC I am wondering if the Cooke SK4 lenses are working well on the BMPCC(Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera). I look forward to rent a 9.5mm or a 12mm T2 Cooke SK4 lens. I was wondering if someone has used this setup before and if they can confirm if there is a problem or maybe a benefit to this setup. I would test it my self but they are rented out for now so thats no option. I would love to see some footage so I can see for my self if it is a good choice to use it for a film. I am especialy curiouse what it does to people and their skin tones and the effect it has on there face. S4I + BMPCC Also I wonder if people used the 14mm T2 35mm-lens with the BMPCC. I have a feeling it will lose thier feel in the out of focus area when used on a Pocket camera. Would love to hear what you guys think. Footage would be great of course. Thank you for your time, Daniel
  7. I have a set of Red Pro Primes that I have been renting out with my Red Dragon I am considering replacing- but I wanted to get the opinion of more experienced DP's - I am considering selling my RPP's for a good zoom lens. I get the feeling that people renting a Red would rather rent other lenses than RPPs. Here are some lenses I was considering buying in place of the RPP's Cooke 18-100 T3 Cooke 20-100 T3.1 Cooke 20-60 T3.1 Cooke S4i 15-40mm T2 or a set of 5 Zeiss Standard speeds T2.1 Which would you all prefer for your shoots, or would it be best just sell the lenses and rent the camera Body and accessories only. If you have other suggestions for great zooms or primes, I would love those! I would love to hear your thoughts! and insights! Thank you so much!
  8. I am looking to sell my set of 5 Arri/Zeiss Ultra Prime lenses which have only been used for testing and are virtually brand new. Comes with orinal Zeiss boxes and warranty. Great set with some gorgeous focal lenghts not usually found in the standard set. 16mm T1.9 28mm T1.9 40mm. T1.9 65mm T1.9 100mm T1.9 Located in Los Angeles. Thank you!
  9. Hey all, Have a large selection of glass for sale. Asking prices are as follows: Canon 11.5-138 T2.5 zoom Super 16 format 2500 Canon 11-165 T2.8 zoom Super 16 format 5000 Canon 7-63 T2.8 zoom Super 16 format 3800 Canon 8-64 T2.4 zoom Super 16 format 3500 Century 6mm T1.9 lens Super 16 format 5000 Cooke SK4 12mm T2 lens Super 16 format 6000 Cooke SK4 6mm T2 lens Super 16 format 6000 Cooke SK4 9.5mm T2 lens Super 16 format 6000 Optex 4mm T2 lens Super 16 format 7000 Optex 5.5mm T2 lens Super 16 format 2000 Optex 8mm T2 lens Super 16 format 2500 Zeiss 16mm high speed lens set T1.3 9.5mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 50mm Super 16 format 8000 Zeiss 16mm T1.3 lens in addition to set Super 16 format 1000 Zeiss 25mm T1.3 lens in addition to set Super 16 format 1500 Zeiss 50mm T1.3 lens in addition to set Super 16 format 1200 Zeiss 9.5mm T1.3 lens in addition to set Super 16 format 500 Zeiss 8mm T2.1 lens Standard 16mm 500 Angenieux 5.9 T1.9 lens Standard 16mm 500 Zeiss 10-100 T2 Mk2 zoom Standard 16mm 2200 Will bundle for a discount. Please email kennysule@gmail.com
  10. Selling my Cooke iPanchro/miniS4 Set. $40,000 6 Lenses: 18mm T2.8 25mm T2.8 32mm T2.8 50mm T2.8 75mm T2.8 100mm T2.8 Meticulously maintained by ZGC's Guy Genin ( ZGC owns Cooke so its factory maintenance) Mechanics, and optics like new. Very minor cosmetic wear. some info about these lenses: http://www.timurcivan.blogspot.com/2011/04/examination-of-lenses-part-ii-cooke.html
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