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    Art. Cinematography.<br /><br />I stumbled in to Cinematography quite by accident, and i've loved every moment since.

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  1. I forgot to add my email: timurcivan at Gmail dot com
  2. Selling my Cooke iPanchro/miniS4 Set. $40,000 6 Lenses: 18mm T2.8 25mm T2.8 32mm T2.8 50mm T2.8 75mm T2.8 100mm T2.8 Meticulously maintained by ZGC's Guy Genin ( ZGC owns Cooke so its factory maintenance) Mechanics, and optics like new. Very minor cosmetic wear. some info about these lenses: http://www.timurcivan.blogspot.com/2011/04/examination-of-lenses-part-ii-cooke.html
  3. I took delivery on one 2 weeks ago w/ cooke lenses as well. Its absolutely amazing. read here: initial impressions preliminary Technical Specs
  4. I know the master prime will definitely cover. I cant imagine the brand new Cookes wont. I know for a fact the new Cooke iPanchros cover.
  5. The lens itself was not expensive. about $100. The mount was more expensive. My friend Fima, from Panorama camera center in NY made this for me. I only wish the test photos didnt become the popular ones, serves me right for posting tests..... The reason i built this lens was for this project: Iraq Photos. Enjoy!
  6. HVX200 720p AND a 35 adapter....... Looks pretty crisp to me.
  7. Yea your HVX settings look WAY off. And were you downressing 4k, and Blowingup 1080? what exactly were you doing.... I understand youre making a point but something looks wrong there.
  8. Thierry Arbogast.... or Darius Khonji..... tough choice....
  9. Yea the Sgpro Rev2 is about 800 sterling. Yet provides a resolution loss less image. I use it constantly, and it has paid for itslef many times over. The brevis 35 as my friend Aram mentions is also good and inexpensive compared to the likes of the P&S. I have used teh P&S, its actually vastly out performed by newer models.
  10. True. But if youre a small indie with no lighting budget what business do yo uhave using a RED camera. There are small HD cameras for thoes folks. Myself included.
  11. http://www.desperatecomfort.com/timur/Timu...ion-Shorter.mov Right clikc save. Please leave some Feedback! Thank you! Im relativly new to this field. Only been working for 9 months now. Lemme know what you think.
  12. Well you can shoot 720pN with 2 8 gig cards, and get 40 minutes of footage in one shot. Rent a p2stor for a day, and you can dump the contents of the cards. its battery powered, fast,and the size of a brick. reltivy easy to carry around. this way you can capture like 2 and a half hours of footage per day.
  13. Heres a working link! http://www.desperatecomfort.com/katrina/katrina_h264_HD.mov I unfortunatly have not shot with an F900..... i hope to soon though. Just throw an extra couple of watts of light in the scene when using the HVX m2 combo. it s light hungry, especailly if you wanna stop down to get a littel deeper DOF. we were shooting this with 650's and 1K's as basic keys/backlights. and we were still a hair under exposed on the waveform. ( i know it sounds silly to thoes used to shooting on film. Complaing about needing 1k's to get exposure)
  14. Please Leave Feedback!!! Thank you in advance! This is a Repost of a thread that i accidentally put in the HVX200 Thread. Mods Feel free to delete the extra post in the hvx200 thread. Here is the film. http://www.timurcivan.com/katrina/katrina_h264_HD.mov Its 200MB and is in HD 720P. Enjoy. WORKFLOW: Here is some information on the workflow we are using to shoot Katrina. First off we are using the HVX / SGproREV2/ Serious magic HD rack software combination. we are shooting 720/24P over 60P with a 2:3 pull down. The reason for this is that the
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