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Found 13 results

  1. To me the online footage i see from various DJI's looks amazingly good, so i wonder are they used for big feature films or you NEED an Octacopter with Alexa/Red/Whatever with big sensor thing... :) (production won't permit using "toys" for their movie)
  2. I want to dive more into narrative books again. I've always been a very audiovisual person, when it comes to perceiving and consuming storys. So I'd like to come back to the written storys, after heaving read so many non-fictional books about lighting, photography and cinematography. Can you give me some recommendations? I know it's rather subjective. But I thought, I'd meet some like-minded people, since we are all filmmakers and visual storytellers. Maybe I can give you a little help with my favourite films and directors, that I enjoy watching: - Kitano, Fincher, Tarantino, Danny Bolye, the Coen brothers, W. Allen, Gus van Sant, Luc Besson, Spike Jonze, - nearly all of the Studio Ghibli movies and some classic anime feature films like Ghost in the Shell, - Se7en, Lost in Translation and Good Will Hunting are some of my favourite films I can watch over and over again.
  3. Hello, I'm seeking a DP for a feature film. I'm still putting together many of the moving parts such a named actors, money and locations therefore this director of photography will become part of the package I present to financiers. Ideally, I'm seeking someone who has 10 years plus experience and has at-least 3 films to his/her credits that are theatrical releases. Why is theatrical important especially today you may ask. Good question. Someone who has films continually exhibited in theaters knows what a theatrical film should look like. I'm not seeking someone who can shoot a TV looking movie. I'm looking for a cinematographer who understands how a shot translates when it's project 20 ft height and 50 ft long and the understand lighting and color. Some of the film will be shot under water so knowledge of underwater shooting is helpful especially when dealing with lighting. Also, some very important scenes will be shot at night and I'm looking for less grain in the blacks for my night shots. I understand grain can be cleaned up however the less we have to do in post the better. If it's right when it's shot, it's better in the edit. I'm projecting starting this film in the fall or maybe spring '18. We'll know more once the dust settles. If interested, Please send, IMDB, resume, day rate, and bio. Thank so much. Dt.
  4. In the middle of Feb. I will be DP'ing my first feature film. I will be providing my personally owned lighting and grip equipment as well as a RED Dragon cam. I will be lighting the scenes,camera operating, and providing directorial advice to the director. Shooting is scheduled for 3-4 weeks. There is a budget for me to be paid an (ok) rate in installments over the course of those 3-4 weeks. The film will be submitted to bigger studios/reps/investors for consideration of being picked up or bought and being produced on a bigger scale with bigger budgets. In the event that our version does actually get picked up, I assume the the producer/production team is compensated for it correct? How exactly does it work? Is it one payment or is it like royalties? I'm currently typing up a contract that is due in 24 hours to define the terms of work and payments for the project and I want to make sure that if there is backend compensation from getting picked up, that I get covered and receive a piece of that compensation. How should I word this in the contract? Any advice would be greatly appreciated?
  5. I couldn't find any specific post about this. In May I will be gaffing a feature with about 12 shooting days with a budget around $30,000. I've worked for this director before on a bigger budget feature, but only as an AC. He always pays on time. I'll be working on the film no matter the rate, because principal photography isn't that long, because I want to continue to work with him, and his features keep getting more and more budget (John Debney just scored his last feature, the one I worked on). But he's just doing this one for fun. What would I charge for my day rate as gaffer with a budget like this? Any help or input would be appreciated. This would be in addition to any equipment rentals.
  6. Just completed post on my first feature, "The Eastsider" (www.theeastsidermovie.com), a comedy/drama set in suburban Detroit. Shot it on Kodak 7222 with the Arri SR3, an amazing camera. Nothing will ever beat the look of celluloid. Here is the trailer (contains coarse language): I'm putting this thread in the "in production" section, since I don't even have a festival premiere date yet (not sure if this thread belongs elsewhere).
  7. Hey! We're looking for a DP based in London UK to work on a micro budget road movie (Set in the US) that will be shot on Andromeda DVX100, with Elite Letus 35mm adaptor. If the budget allows then we will be shooting on Aaton XTR, S16mm film, or combination of both. Synopsis and more info here: Awaken The Giant Within At the moment we're looking for the right DP and we want to, soon, start shooting some tests. You must have experience on micro/low budget productions and be based in London, UK. If you are interested please send an email with the following details: Cv, camera/tech skills, showreel. Email: info@volitionmedia.co.uk. Cheers
  8. Hi Everyone - I'm putting together a package for a very low budget feature. The production budget is $60k and I want to send production a reasonable camera and G&E package breakdown. Does anyone have a percentage that they think is a reasonable amount to allocate to equipment rental? I don't want to send something that the line-producer will scoff at. Thanks!
  9. Edit: Sorry about the repost, the title got mixed up and I don't know how to delete posts. wonderful first impression : ) Edit 2: Ah, duck. The title is still 10-20.000 . It should have been 10-20.000€ vintage PL set for feature film. FIRSTLY Sorry about the title, I am horrible at this. FOREWORD Hello. This is my first posting in this forum and I don’t think it will be my last : ). I’m still young and there are lots of things that I don’t know about cinematography. So if I’m wrong somewhere, please correct me and feel free to tell me your thoughts. I have studied cinematography autodidactively, read the ASC Mag, Painting with Light, Film Lighting and books like that for quite some time now and have a handful of questions as I am currently approaching my first feature film. I can’t really say a lot about it at this moment but it will all come in the future. THE PROJECT The film takes place in the late 60s and the sets will be old european buildings and modernist 50s & 60s architecture (Wright, Rose, Bauhaus, …) My moods are 2001: A Space Odyssey, Dr.Strangelove, Lola Montes, Touch of Evil, Brazil, North by Northwest, Yojimbo and Grand Budapest Hotel. I know it’s a bit colourful and partly entirely different but these are some the films that will inspire the look of this project. I would love to use film, which there is not enough budget and my first digital choice would be an Alexa. Now, there might not be enough budget for that as well and Even though I never wanted to do that, I’m thinking about/kind of pre-decided on a red dragon camera. I am not looking for a digital look, which sounds funny, but you know what I mean. I also won’t shoot 16mm because I want as much lens coverage as I can get. And I don’t want all that film hassle on my first feature, where I’ll have enough hassles already. The plan is too use the entire sensor (only possible in 6K) and tuning it down to 4K DPX Seqs. (Also handy for stabilizing shots). If I’m using vintage lenses and a 1/8 pro mist filter or something like that I’ll be fine. My first idea was to use 1.33x anamorphic lenses and I would really like to do that to get even more space. I didn’t find any 1.33x anam lens wider than 25mm, which is a 19 on FF (stretched to final image). And I want something a bit wider. More like a 14mm or 16mm FF equivalent. I thought about using the Letus Anamorphx Adapter. I don’t know how good it is, or what it can and can’t handle as there are few reviews out there. I would really like to test it though, but there are none in Austria, where I live. I am buying looking into buying lenses for the project and there will be 10-20k euros for that. Why not rent? because you can’t rent any vintage PL glass in Austria and I also really want that glass : ) . I also thought that maybe the set and dressing alone will have enough vintage flair and I could use newer lenses, like the CP.2s. THE DREAM I’m looking for something like this. 14mm - 21mm - 28mm - 35mm - 50mm - 80mm SOME LENS SET OPTIONS _ 2-3 anamorphic lenses + something like a 14mm Arri/Zeiss PL with an anamorphx (or not) I am afraid though, that the 14mm shots would look very different than the anam shots. The Anamorphx Adapter could fix some of that, but who knows. I also thought about the Tokina 11-16 cine rehousing but I’m even more worried about fixing up that look opposed to a 14mm Zeiss. _ An old PL Set + Anam Adapter _ CP.2s + Anam Adapter Maybe the 1/8 Filter + the Anam Adapter could deliver our vintage look? _ An old PL set and shooting 16:9 ACTUAL QUESTIONS I would love to hear your thoughts on it and if you have any other ideas or know any other anamorphic adapter aside the LV7200 and the anamorphx. What other filter I could use for achieving a “vintage look”. Another approach to this entire thing. P.S. Sorry if the post is too long : )
  10. Greetings, I am DPing my first feature film, it starts production in about a week. I am looking for advice or tips from DPs that have shot a feature before. This is a dialogue heavy film with lots of conflict between main characters. I am looking for any kind of advice on shooting dialogue scenes, communicating with your crew on set to be more efficient, clues on making sure you have coverage or just anything you wish you would have know going into your first feature. I know it's broad, but if you have something I would love to hear it. Story Summary As protagonist, Anna, cleans out her childhood home to help sell it, she stumbles upon a tiny mailbox full of letters from a mysterious childhood pen-pal. Anna originally discovered the mailbox growing in her garden with a letter addressed to her when she was 10. Heartbroken and angry about her parent’s impending divorce, Anna found catharsis and comfort in reading and writing letters to her new friend. 25 years later and similarly broken, Anna once again finds solace in the letters and embarks on a journey to find the true identity of her mystery pen-pal. But what Anna discovers is the last thing she expected to find. Thanks All! Marcus
  11. Hello everyone, We are planning to shoot a very low budget feature film this summer and I have some questions on the camera set we will use and I hope you can help me on some of the following: 1. The 16:9 sensor on the GH2 + a 2x anamorphic adapter produces a final stretched anamorphic aspect of 3.55. Which would result in (1920x1080)*(2)= 3840x1080. Instead of doing the decompression from 2x, I want to interpret the shot as if pixels would be 1.333 or 1.4587. I know it keeps the image still a little deform but I think I like the look. Whats your technical and/or creative take on it? (SEE IMAGES BELOW) 2. We would project it on standard 2k (2048×1080) DCP cinemas and the final cut would fit into it with a 2048x858 (2.39:1) size movie. Am I right? or does it work in another way? 3. I am currently using Sedna AQ1 for max detail against anamorphic softening against big screen projection. Do you think it will hold enough? Would you sharpen in post? Whats you recommend any other hack? Given this 3 points which would be your opinion on this process? Have any of you seen any gh2 anamorphic content projected in 2k dcp? How does it stand? Thanks for your help! P.D. Anyone selling a Kowa 16-h (8z) In order not to be so limited with the 16D in lens minimum mm´s?
  12. http://about.me/adamlcohen *click on the vimeo or youtube links at the bottom of the page to view my reel. Thank you for your time! Adam Cohen
  13. https://vimeo.com/56763193 This was one of several scenes we shot for a comedy feature film where I was brought on as the Cinematographer. Unfortunately we weren’t able to finish the project, but I got the chance to work with a great AD in the process and meet a few good friends whom I still work with today. BOUNCE- Chicken Spot Scene ASSISTANT DIRECTOR- Edmar Flores DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY- Kahleem Poole-Tejada 1st AC- Robert Billings
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