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Found 4 results

  1. I'm studying about masks and i'm a bit confused .. the shape of the masks is not a perfect rectangle ... it has round edges .. and so the image on the hard matte frame has the same shape (like this original negative from Clockwork Orange outtake) So .. how you compose a frame ? On the viewfinder or the monitor you see the whole shape or a (cropped) perfect rectangle ... that means that you MUST have also a groundglass to see where the margins are ?? Thanks !!
  2. My first test with a 3 perf cameflex was perfect except for the gate flare present in the negative. Just want to confirm this is the case... however the triangle flare isn't vertically/horizontally flipped as the rest of the image. Looks like it's flaring/bleeding into the next frame. As far as solutions...paint the mask? Both sides? Which paint do you recommend? Attached below are the stills, and of the gate, with and without the shutter. Many thanks!
  3. Hey all! Just finished the ASC Manual and there are a few spots that speak about "Ground Glass". From what I've collected, it seems to be a piece of glass that works between the gate and the reflex and often includes different aspect ratio guides? Can anyone give me a clearer definition? Thanks, Jake
  4. Hi everyone, i am in pre-production for the short film we will be shooting in Caucasus mountains this winter. We are shooting 35mm 5222 black and white film, and i want to get Hawk anamorphic lenses with 2x squeeze from Paris. The camera they have in a local rental is Arri 435 Xtreme (4 perf). I'm in touch with the local AC and what he says is that the camera doesn't have an anamorphic viewfinder, also it does not have anamorphic matte glass and arri glow. I'm trying to figure out how to solve this issue, maybe somebody can help me out? If the lens squeezes the image into 4:3 academy frame - then what should be the matte glass/ground glass/ gate installed inside of the camera? And if it doesn't have an anamorphic viewfinder (we are shooting steadicam anyway) - can i get an unsqueezed image on the monitor and playback just through the monitor? I would appreciate any tips and help. Thanks
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