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  1. Looking for a Zeiss 24mm mark I with ninja bladed aperture and no T* coating ! (or if anyone wants to trade, I have an 24mm opton version with octagonal blades, just want a matching set) DM or send email at info@jokami.net thanks!
  2. Very interested to see your progress ! i am still shooting with my CM3 from time to time!
  3. My first test with a 3 perf cameflex was perfect except for the gate flare present in the negative. Just want to confirm this is the case... however the triangle flare isn't vertically/horizontally flipped as the rest of the image. Looks like it's flaring/bleeding into the next frame. As far as solutions...paint the mask? Both sides? Which paint do you recommend? Attached below are the stills, and of the gate, with and without the shutter. Many thanks!
  4. Let me know if you have one for sale! Thank you!
  5. Anyone have a CM3 they want to sell?
  6. How are you liking the d21 so far?
  7. Anyone looking to get rid of their Angie 9.5-95mm in Arri B mount? PM me! Thanks!!
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