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Found 8 results

  1. Greetings everyone I was browsing on vimeo and i came across this video (WILDERNESS) by Ivan Maria Friedman the video was shot 8 years ago via RED Dragon 6k so my question is can i shoot infrared footage on red komodo or any other medium budget cinema cameras ? and had anyone got such an experience before ?
  2. Does anyone have experience with filters that have a similar color shifting effect as IR photography (I mean, as much as possible) - without using a modified camera? I know that there are filters that only let through light of a certain wavelength (550nm,630nm...) but it seems like I will still need to get rid of that internal IR filter first... I am trying to figure out the best way to do some special shots without carrying around a second IR-modified Alexa... Just curious if anyone came across some interesting color filters (or filter combinations) that might also do the job. Also appreciate other thoughts on that topic.
  3. Hi every body, I'm selling some of my DSMC1 RED gear. - DSMC1 Side SSD Mini-Mag module - DSMC1 Low light optimized OLPF - DSMC1 Kippertie IR spectrum OLPF My Epic Dragon was stolen last year and I stil got some some stuff around that I'm not using. It's a bit of a rough time financially so I need to find some cash, that's why I'm selling. All the products are in Switzerland but can ship everywhere in the world as long as the buyer pay for the shipping method and all the customs fees applied. Products: - 1x new (only open box) DSMC1 RED Mini-Mag side SSD Module never used. I bought it to upgrade my Dragon that still got the old 1,8'' module but never had the money to buy a group of mini mag befor the steal. I'm selling it for 400€. - 1x very good condition DSMC1 Low Light Optimized OLPF for 150€ - 1x mint Kippertie DSMC1 IR spectrum (zero lowpass) OLPF for 200€ I will do a discount price if someone takes everything in one shot. Actual pictures available on my Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1G4eVmdNOB-iI3r2uXCV7oVjR_ncSg3Ed?usp=sharing
  4. Hey there, I'm wondering if anyone on here knows where to find a infrared modified red epic. I have a video idea I'd like to try that would require infrared photography, but I can't find a rental house that has this camera. I've seen a few videos online that where shot with a modified red epic, but they are seemingly all personally owned cameras. Here are some examples of the effect: Hopefully someone on here "knows a guy". Thanks, Alan Gwiz
  5. I am the DP in pre-production for a feature being shot in Israel on black and white Infra Red film. I am searching for a lab that would be willing to switch out their standard D96 chemicals for a more fine grain developer. Anyone out there with recommendations of a lab? The only lab I have found willing to comply is Arri Munich, however they are only willing to use d76 and i would like to use a more fine grain developer like Xtol or something of the sort. In addition I am curious if there are any labs that are willing to use chemicals other then Kodak? Please feel free to contact me directly adiva@thenthis.org.
  6. I am the DP, in pre-production for a 35mm motion picture film being shot on black and white infra red film in Israel. I am trying to find a solution for a video assist to accompany our ARRI 435. We are shooting in almost complete darkness, only with infra red light sources. I am looking for contacts or leads to individuals who may knows how to build a video assist that corresponds with the parameters of the IR stock that we are working with. If anyone has any suggestions or knows of any camera tech wizards I would be thrilled to speak with them. Please contact me directly at adiva@thenthis.org.
  7. Hello everyone. I'm a young cinematographer, freshly graduated form CSC (italian national film and television school).. As my first real production experience as a Dp i'm shooting a documentary soon. We're gonna shoot in red (i would try BMC but in Italy there's online one rental with it, EF mount, and as i read there's too much problem with wide lenses because of the dimension of the sensor and no PL mount adapter that really works). Anyway, in this story we will find us many times in some "situations" completely black. Because we cannot let other see us but i need to see what happens.Take as an example a forest during the night. Basically what i need is to know if someone could suggest me some nightvision systems to produce night shot that will mantain a "more then decent quality", that couldn't be given by a consumer camera with nightvision options turned on. I would like also to know if there is a possibility to use red with some Infrared Light mounted on. Thank you very much to everyone who will answer. Hope you can help me. Bye, Luca.
  8. Hey Im doing lighting test , for a project on infrared film, 35mm, indoor shooting. we're trying a verity of light sources in order to get the right and effective light for this kind of project. I know that mostly infrared used on outdoor shooting, under the open sky, but here, we also want to shoot some indoor night scenes on this reel. just some few facts about this material: the light spectrum we are trying to get is between 720-820 nm (nanometer), which also being called "invisible light", since this wave spectrum aint visible to the seeing eye. thats why we use gel filters on all of our main light sources. till now we used 5K's, Par 64's, 1K's, some lightpad panels, but(!), what im trying to find, is a light source which will speak the same language of the ifrared wave spectrum, and not just some regular cinema classic lights. 1. does anyone here knows, heard, or experienced this kind of situation? 2. can i work with infrared light with diffusions? like we regulary do on set? 3. what is the effect of bounce through white poly board with infrared light? can we bounce regulary like we used too? thnx ^_^
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