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Found 9 results

  1. Hey there everyone! I am a colombian film student and wannabe cinematographer and I am looking for some advise for an upcoming short film me and some classmates are preparing. So I am going to be the DP for this short and in terms of lightning I am looking to have an aesthetic close to the images I attached below for the interior daylight scenes. Logic tells me that to achieve this I should have some strong key lights motivated from the windows on the characters and expose to those bright areas of the face, so everything else will be darker to achieve that high contrast ratio. We┬┤ll probably h
  2. Hello, I'm preparing to shoot a music video. I have an idea for a shot where you can see infinite space behind the object filled with colored or colorless mist. The reference shot is from the new Bladerunner trailer. My goal is to place a car on the foreground like it's in the middle of nowhere. Most of the shots will be inside the car but I need to sustain this look in the windows without green screen. How I can achieve that on a tight budget? Would it be easier to accomplish shooting outside or indoors? With dark or light background? Many thanks in advance!
  3. Hey Filmmakers! This summer i'm officially doing my first job as a paid DoP for a short film (30min approximately) . I've never shot fiction before, i am foremost a Director and Writer for my own films. Although i have studied still photography for a long time, i've only shot and directed my own documentary short film. The film is mostly taking place in one location, a forest with a cabin/small house. I want to create a very unique look for the film, i'm gonna play with mist/rain, shoot early mornings and evenings. I take a lot of inspiration from my favorite filmmake
  4. I'm looking to mimic this fight scene from the matrix with bright flashing lights outside these windows - supposedly lightning from the storm outside. (see attached 1-3) My assumption at first was that they maybe had some HMI's hooked up to flicker boxes. But then I thought that HMI's have issues with hot strikes so maybe that's not what was used? Can an hmi work on a flicker box to simulate lighting? If so, what reccomendations of a flicker box do you reccomend I use? If I can't use an HMI to simulate lightning with flicker, how else can I achieve this effect? I'm hoping to only
  5. Hello everyone! I'm new to cinematography.com, to introduce myself quickly, I'm a French aspiring Filmmaker, located in south of France, if some of you would like to see what I do, you can, here : www.damienkazan.com (not here to promote anything it's just that I know usually we have to introduce ourselves on forums before posting...) I have a question about some lightning from "The Conjuring", the living room, desk, lightning, I was wondering how they lit that living room, looks like it is 90% lit by those lamps we can see on screen, does anyone know how to achieve a similar lightnin
  6. Hi, I'm looking to create some lightning effects for a short film with the use of studio strobes. We don't have the budget for lighting strikes and this seems to be a viable option. We'll be shooting inside a house on RED scarlet. 180 degree shutter. 23.98fps. Wondering if anyone has used still photography studio strobes for this purpose? If so, can you share any advice or experience? Thank you, Michael Helenek
  7. Hello there! FIRST OFF: WARNING; I am complete NOOB in this field so expect to see something really bad. I am just posting this to get some basic feedback on how to present myself on video (how I should stand, look into the camera, how I should move my face muscles when I speak and so forth), some lightning changes, editing changes, etc.,. My purpose of shooting video is appearing as a "spokesperson" (so yes, I am definitively wearing the wrong outfit). I will get better clothing, another mic instead of the one inside my camera and a complete white background since my camera has
  8. Hi. Now that the Black Magic have been on the market for a while, I would love to hear any experience shooting with this camera? I am going to shoot a short film soon, where this little camera could be very cool to shoot at:-). Thanks, Henrik A. Meyer www.henrikameyer.com
  9. Im from Argentina and i would like some feedback of my work. Thanks! https://vimeo.com/51286298
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