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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All, I'm selling 35mm short end recans. Selling all footage at .25/ft. and have the below stocks available: Kodak 5219 Vision 3 500T Color Negative - 5,817ft Kodak 5260 Vision 2 500T Color Negative - 400ft Kodak 5212 Vision 2 100T Color Negative - 3,687ft Kodak 5201 Vision 2 50D Color Negative - 400ft Kodak 5217 Vision 2 200T Color Negative - 1,395ft Fuji 8583 - 400ft Fuji 8563 - 400ft All recans have over 250 ft of film, some are full 400ft recans. Please PM me or email hschleiff@gmail.com if interested in purchasing. I am based in NYC, but can ship if needed. Best, Harry
  2. Hello! I have for sale: 5218 Vision 2 500T ~930' across 4 short end cans + (1) 400' factory sealed can 5205 Vision 2 250D ~ 1800' across 9 short end cans Please see photos for specific lengths per can. Sold as is; in LA for local pick-up. Willing to ship at recipients expense. Email me at jacobkubabojsza@gmail.com for quicker response. $300, OBO
  3. 35 mm short ends for someone who wants to come pick them up, best offer accepted. 400' recan 5213, 200' recan 5219, 170' 5219 - all from March of 2015.
  4. Hello Everyone, I am a T.A. in a cinematography class at Arizona State and I convinced my teacher to do a workshop with a 16mm camera. Being how new our Film School is we have no film cameras, only digital, so we are renting an SRIII to show the class and possibly shoot some stuff. My professor and I wanted to show everyone what it's like to shoot on film and how careful you have to be with exposure, how to use light meters, etc., and implementing these structures for when you shoot on digital. Rather than the typical status quo of students just blindly shooting and guessing on exposure. I was reaching out to the cinematography community for help, if anyone has any short ends or exposed super 16 film we could use to help the students with (show how to load the magazines, etc.) that would be amazing. Kind of a long shot to ask on here but I thought it wouldn't hurt. Thanks, Danner Gardner
  5. I just found out that Film Source LA have no 16mm short ends on hand, and virtually no 35mm short ends, whatsoever. They recommended Comtel in Burbank, but the owner there wants to sell his short ends for about $10 less than what Kodak charges for new film. I was literally quoted $150 for a 400 ft. roll of Vision 3 50D stock. Kodak's price is $160.80. Does anyone know of a good source for short ends? Looking for a place that tests the film with a densitometer, and doesn't keep old stock on hand for years at a time. -Jerry Murrel Little Rock, AR
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