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  1. Thanks Satsuki, Your answer is very helpful. -Jerry
  2. I'm interested in hearing from editors who have used FilmConvert. How well does it match specific film stocks, such as 5279, 5219, etc? Are any of the older EXR stocks supplied as LUTs? http://filmconvert.com/purchase/default.aspx?promo_code=bloom -Jerry Murrel Cinevision AR Little Rock
  3. Perhaps a 35mm ‘VistaVision’ Mitchell Geared head, or a classic 22" Moy geared head. -Jerry Murrel Little Rock, AR
  4. Here are three files which may be helpful in showing connectivity of the recorder to the D-21. -Jerry Murrel Little Rock, AR
  5. I see a 2K Spirit DataCine going for $35,000 on eBay. Or best offer. That sounds overpriced to me. (I'd prefer not to buy one from a theater auction house or broker.) -Jerry Murrel Little Rock, AR
  6. Matthew, Mark Mervis is selling several D-21s, and has a digital recorder option to go with the camera, for a reasonable price. If you are interested, message me here and I can put you in contact with him. -Jerry Murrel Little Rock, AR
  7. I think even those who dislike the whole idea found this interesting and useful. Someone should say thanks for doing that (blog, photos). So thanks Aapo. Absolutely. Thanks Aapo! Very useful article. Thanks for taking the time to do this. -Jerry Murrel Little Rock, AR
  8. Adam Rogers wrote: "I was watching a commercial recently and I wanted to duplicate the look. I was wondering if it was done with filters or just colored in post." I seem to recall Barger Baglites demonstrating an impressive setup with gold diffusion at CineGear (WLA Veteran's Hospital grounds, ~2005 or 2006). A more affordable option might be to use a gold-colored gel, such as Roscolux #08: Pale Gold http://www.rosco.com/filters/roscolux.cfm As David mentions above, one should pay particular attention to subject and background colors, (in all lighting situations). -Jerr
  9. I'm looking for a well maintained Moviecam Compact Speed controller in good condition. Please reply if you have one or know of one for sale. -Jerry Murrel Little Rock, AR USA 310 770-0097
  10. Looks like a very well maintained Compact, James. -Jerry Murrel Little Rock, Arkansas USA
  11. I don't have the information Marc is requesting, but I am wondering if the time has now come for camera manufactures to start designing an board tool in digital cameras to determine color temperatures on set. Not sure how white balance circuitry achieves it's purpose, but it seems that it wouldn't be too difficult to design a smarter circuit in camera that measures color temperature of light falling on objects displayed in viewfinder. A untethered probe could be built which would allow the DP or AC to take these measurements in hand-held fashion. The signal could be sent wireles
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