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Found 6 results

  1. Mag is in beautiful condition, serviced by Andree Martin at AM Camera. One of the cleanest SR3 mags I've encountered, with only minor cosmetic blemishes on the exterior. Mag has been used on a project this past week and works perfectly. Selling this mag because I have 4 total with my SR3 package and don't have a need for a fourth. Pickup in LA preferred but willing to ship. $1000 Photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FQkf0rpufyD6I2uV0rgARU7xGfSymo9T?usp=sharing
  2. I've been trying to set up my gmt-s to drive a smart slate. the Origin C+ is definitely feeding data to it (show ID, start TC etc), however I've noticed that the FPS is definitely controlled by the tiny dial inside the GMT-S (see attached photo). Does anyone have a diagram or know what dial settings = what base timecode FPS?
  3. Hello all!! I've gone through all of the menu settings on the varicam and I cannot figure out how to send timecode to another camera for the life of me!! Is there some setting or sub menu combination that I am not aware of?
  4. i'm shooting a music video mostly in 60P with lip sync, and want to be able to timecode slate it so, for example, i can shoot a 15 second segment mid-way through the song and know exactly where to slot it into my edit. the tricky part of course is that my camera's framerate is 60P while the project framerate will be 24P. i won't have access to a proper professional slate with timecode (not that i'm sure it would help?) - i was planning on holding up a laptop running timecode from the song to use as a slate. the issue is, if i'm playing back the song on set at 250% with timecode so that it matches the 60P being recorded on my A7S, that timecode obviously won't match the A7S footage when everything is slowed down to 24P. i'm wondering if my solution (though definitely not frame-accurate) is as follows: - export a video file of the song at 24P with a timecode overlay. - re-import that video into my editor and increase speed by 250% so the timecode is sped up as well. - play back that sped up video with sped up audio / timecode on set - slow everything down by 40% for editing and have a rough idea of where footage should fall in the timeline. any advice, better methods of doing this? note: i am using outdated editing software (FCP7) if that makes a difference to this workflow..
  5. Hi everybody, I'm having issues understanding how time code works and what are the ret/sync and TC I/O bnc ports on the back of some cameras like the Amira for example. I hope somebody can give me some clarification! Thanks in advance!
  6. Anyone have experience with the Arri 416 timecode module? After jamming the camera/attaching a sync-box, the TC light blinks... which means it's not actually recording the timecode onto the film. After consulting the manual, the error code it gives me corresponds to 'timecode led not recognized' and suggests to check the timecode module. I'm not sure where the timecode module is, and I have a hunch that the 400' magazines we're using aren't equipped with the module to burn the timecode in. Where is the timecode module located on the mag/camera?
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