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Found 6 results

  1. FOR SALE: PHOTOS AND INFO FOR ALL ITEMS CAN BE SEEN ON OUR WEBSITE: https://fjsinternational.com/ Sachtler Baby Legs Package Price: USD $ 1,750.00 Zeiss Supreme Lens Full Prime Lens Set of 7:25,29,35,50,65,85,100mm NEW Price: 105,000 Euros- USD $123,000.00 Arri Signature Full Frame Lens Set of 6: 18,29,35,47,75,125mm NEW Price: 127,296 Euros- USD $144,000.00 Cooke S7i Set of 7: 25,32,40,50,75,100,135mm MINT Price: 163,000 Euros Cooke S7i Anamorphic Set of 5: 40,50,75,100,135 2X Price: USD $114,000.00 Cooke S5i Set of 8: 18,25,32,40,50,65,75,100mm Price: USD $159,000.00 Cooke S5i Set of 7: 18,25,32,40,50,65,75mm Price: USD $145,000.00 Cooke S4 Set of 11: 14,18,21,25,27,32,40,50,75,100,135 Imperial Price: USD $109,990.00 Cooke S4i Set of 9: 18,25,35,40,50,65,75,100,135 Metric Price: 115,000 Euros Cooke S4i Set of 8: 18,27,32,40,50,75,100,135 Imperial Price: USD $96,000.00 Cooke Mini S4i Set of 6: 18,25,32,50,75,100mm Price: USD $44,500.00 Cooke Mini S4i Set of 9: 18, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 75, 100, 135mm(40 & 60mm Uncoated) Price: 39,000 Euros Cooke Mini S4i Set of 6 Lens: 18,25,32,50,75,100mm Price: USD $29,950.00 Cooke Anamorphic 35-140 Zoom Lens MINT 45,000 GBP Master Prime Set of 8: 18,21,27,32,40,50,75,100mm Price: USD $125,000.00( HUGE PRICE REDUCTION) Master Prime Set of 7: 14,25,32,50,75,100mm Price: USD $136,000.00 Master Prime Set of 7: 18,25,35,50,75,100,135mm Price: 119,000 Euros Master Prime Set of 6: 16,25,35,50,75,100mm Price: USD $119,900.00 Master Prime Set of 6: 16,21,32,50,75,100mm Price: USD $ 99,000.00 Ultra Prime Set of 6: 16,24,32,50,85,135 Metric Price: USD 39,900.00 Ultra Prime Set of 6: 16,24,32,50,85,135 Metric Price: 31,500 Euros Ultra Prime Set of 5: 16,24,32,50,85 Metric Price: USD $34,000.00 Arri Swing Tilt Shift Set with 4 Lens: 18,20,60,90mm Price: USD $32,000.00 Canon CN30-105 and 15.5-47mm Zoom Package Price: USD $20,000.00 Canon CN-E 30-300mm300mm T2.95-3.7L SP Cinema Lens PL Mount (90 Day Warranty) Price: USD $23,500.00 Angenieux Optimo 28-340 Zoom Imperial Price: USD $68,000.00 Angenieux 24-290 Zoom Package Price: $35,000.00 Elite Anamorphic Set of 6: 24.5(MK5), 40(MK4), 50(MK5), 75(MK4), 100(MK4), 250(MK5) ( HUGE PRICE REDUCTION) Price: USD $88,000.00 Fujinon Cabrio Zoom 85-300mm Price: USD $21,500.00 Fujinon Cabrio Zoom 19-90mm Price: USD $21,500.00 Kowa Anamorphic Set of 4: 40,50,75,100mm Price: USD $ 88,000.00 Kowa Anamorphic Set of 4: 40, 50, 75, 100mm Price: USD $ USD 77,000.00 Optimo 24-290 Price: USD 35,000.00 Zeiss Super Speed S16 Set: 9.5, 12, 16,25, 50mm Price: USD $12,900.00 Zeiss Super Speed S16 Set: 9.5,12,16,25,50mm MINT Price: USD $12,950.00 Zeiss MK2 Super Speed Set of 5: 18,25,35,50,85mm IMPERIAL Price: USD $47,000.00 Zeiss MK2 Super Speed Set of 5: 18,25,35,50,85mm IMPERIAL Super Clean Price: USD $61,500.00 Zeiss MK3 Set Of Super Speeds: 18,25,35,50,85mm IMPERIAL Super Clean Price: USD $86,500.00 Zeiss MK3 Set of Super Speed Set: 18,25,35,50,85mm IMPERIAL Price: USD $89,000.00 Zeiss MK3 Set of Super Speed Set: 18,25,35,50,85mm IMPERIAL Super Clean Price: USD $80,000.00 Zeiss MK3 Set of Super Speeds: 18,25,35,50,85mm IMPERIAL Price: USD $77,000.00 Zeiss MK3 Set of Super Speeds: 18,25,32,50,85mm IMPERIAL Price: USD $62,500.00 Zeiss Standard Speed Set of 11: 10,14,16,20,24,32,40,50,85,100,135mm PL Mounts Price: USD $54,000.00 Leica Thalia Set of 6: 30,35,45,70,100,180 PL Mount MINT Price: USD $127,000.00 GL Optics Nikkor Lenses: 20,24,28,35,50,85,105mm PL Mount Rhoused Price: USD 39,500.00 (We are selling on an ongoing basis) Scorpio 12 Foot Motorized Arm Price: USD $180,000.00 (Includes Shipping)
  2. FJS International is brokering a sale of a large inventory from a European rental company. You can buy items individually. See complete list here: https://fjsinternational.com/fjsaprilinventorysale.html
  3. To the Bay Area photographic and videographer community: Announcing: The Grand Opening of the Bay Area's newest broadcast equipment supplier. We are Draco Broadcast: the maker of the Dracast lighting brand as well as other production equipment brands such as..... • Magicue Teleprompters • Laizeske Camera Monitors • A&J Camera Sliders • and many more! We have a newly renovated showroom with spare studio space and will host monthly seminars, product swap meets, and other events. In addition, we will be offering rental services and providing a place for consignment sales. Right now, we're running a special promotion on the products: Kingjoy VT-860 Tripod - $31.99 each MaxxMove Rize H4 4K Action Camera $49.99 each Dracast Silkray LED 400 Soft Light -$203.49 each Dracast 140 Ring Light -$149 each We offer incentives for referral business. Please stop by and let us know if there's any service we can offer your organization. We want to become an integral part of the local broadcast community. For more information, visit dracobroadcast.com or call 408-229-9222. Thank you, Aaron Street General Manager
  4. I've been looking at getting a very good, versatile tripod which will last me for many years on a variety of different shoots and I'm wondering what some of the pros use. I was looking at getting at something like the Sachtler FSB 6 or 8 because I don't want anything too heavy obviously. I've read that Roger Deakins like the "Sacthler 7" for lightweight work but it is probably a little bit out of my price range as I was looking at something below $3000 US. I've used the miller DS 10 range and manfrotto 504HD stuff but I'm thinking that they aren't as "smooth" as other tripod systems. Does anyone have any recommendations for both a tripod and a fluid head which would hold mid weight to lower weight cameras?? Thanks heaps!!!
  5. HOLLYWOOD - Six of the industry's leading brands - Anton/Bauer, Bexel, Litepanels, OConnor, Sachtler and Teradek, all part of the Vitec Group - will be demonstrating a range of their latest, innovative products at the upcoming Cine Gear Expo on June 6-7 in Los Angeles, at booths #64-66. Cine Gear Expo offers film, video and broadcast media makers an opportunity to discover the latest technology and techniques, get hands-on training, gain knowledge and skills from industry leaders, obtain the newest equipment, hear breaking industry news, and network with peers and industry leaders. In addition to a prize drawing for a new Litepanels product, highlights of the advanced portfolios being shown by these brands include: Anton/Bauer® will officially release its V-Mount Digital Battery™ Series. The company's revolutionary Digital Battery Series is the first battery line designed specifically to power digital production for the cinema and pro-video sectors. The new battery series, also available with Gold Mount® connectors, meets the unique needs of 4K camera set-ups and other digital cameras in use today, while providing top-tier levels of safety, performance and reliability. With the introduction of a V-Mount option to the Digital Battery Series, Anton/Bauer's best of breed batteries will now be available for use with any camera and any accessory, and includes three battery sizes (90 Wh, 150 Wh, and 190 Wh). Litepanels will officially launch its much anticipated next generation LED panel series, in addition to showcasing the recently released Sola 9 (daylight balanced) and Inca 9 (tungsten balanced) LED Fresnels. The new 9-inch fixtures fill a market demand for medium-sized LED Fresnels. Litepanels' industry-leading collection of LED Fresnels now covers the complete range needed to deliver a full LED solution for broadcast studios, episodic television, and feature film production. Also making its Cine Gear premiere is the new Hilio D12 (daylight balanced) and Hilio T12 (tungsten balanced) high light output panels. The innovative panels provide the light quality, versatility and intensity of an open source fixture, while offering all of the benefits of Litepanels' proprietary LED fixture design. OConnor will present a growing line of camera and lens accessories. Engineered to address the needs of today's fast-paced production environments, the line includes the CFF-1 and O-Focus Dual Mini follow focus systems relaunched in Photo and Cine Kits, the award-winning O-Box WM mattebox, innovative O-Grip Handgrip System and the Universal Baseplate. Sachtler will display the Ace Accessories, a new range of premium camera support gear, which includes the Ace Base Plate, Ace Follow Focus and Ace Matte Box. The accessories can be bought individually or as a package. Sachtler also will showcase its redeveloped Ace L fluid head, now compatible with all types of sliders. The Ace L 75mm tripod head can conveniently be converted to a flat base, through the removal of a bottom screw, and mounted on a range of sliders. The Ace L is extremely versatile with a payload range of up to 6 kilograms and can be used with three different carbon fibre tripods - the floor spreader, mid-level spreader or telescopic tripod system. The product also features the seven-step counter balance, patented SAdrag™ and illuminated level indicator to ensure precise and smooth camera operation. artemis, the camera stabilizer system by Sachtler, will also be on display. Whether it's a film, worldwide live-broadcast of a sporting event, or a TV show, artemis camera stabilizer systems are always used when perfectly balanced pictures of moving subjects are required. Bexel and Teradek, also Vitec Group companies, will be exhibiting at Cine Gear Expo. Bexel (booth #98c) provides brilliantly designed and flawlessly executed systems and solutions to producers of some of the biggest and most important televised events in the world. Experts from Bexel will be on hand to discuss their end-to-end solutions, including systems integration, fiber and infrastructure support. Bexel representatives can discuss new and used professional audio, video and fiber equipment solutions, as well as elaborate on their comprehensive broadcast rental equipment and technical services for television productions. Teradek (booth #119) will showcase their brand new Bolt Pro series of zero-delay wireless video products, along with their Serv and Cube Pro encoders, which offer users real-time HD monitoring on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The Vitec Group brands are technology leaders in the broadcasting, pro video and cinematography marketplace. They are characterized by innovation, reliability and long-term cost savings, with the highest levels of customer support. For further information visit their booths at Cine Gear Expo.
  6. Crew Chooses Vitec Videocom Brands for Second Season BROOKLYN, NY - The camera crew behind the hit FX TV series The Americans chose Vitec Videocom brands to support the production through its second season. The show's cinematographer Richard Rutkowski, and camera assistants Brendan K. Russell and Rory Hanrahan, rely on Anton/Bauer batteries and chargers, Litepanels LED lights, and OConnor fluid heads and tripods for their reliability and durability during stage and location shoots, which helps keep the show on pace and on budget. The season two finale aired last night, and The Americans returns with all new episodes in 2015. One of television's most critically-acclaimed dramas, The Americans follows the complex marriage of two KGB spies posing as Americans in suburban Washington D.C. shortly after Ronald Reagan was elected President. The arranged marriage of characters Philip and Elizabeth Jennings (played by Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell) grows more genuine by the day but is constantly tested by the escalation of the Cold War and their interactions with the dangerous network of spies and informants they come into contact with. Shot on stages at Eastern Effects Studios in Brooklyn, NY, The Americans also films on location throughout Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island and Westchester County. Anton/Bauer DIONIC HC® and award-winning CINE VCLX® batteries are used exclusively to power the series, which is shot using two ARRI ALEXAs as the A and B cameras, and two additional ALEXA PLUS cameras. "We've been able to reduce what used to be a headache of cables," says Rutkowski. "We can put the DIONIC battery on the back of our wireless transmitter and sit the transmitter on the back of the Alexa, making us a self-contained shooting unit. The guys hook up to an Anton/Bauer CINE VCLX between takes, then they pull the VCLX battery cable out, and we run off the DIONICs. It gives me the ability to walk around utterly free while broadcasting full HD, and that's pretty remarkable." Brendan Russell, second assistant on the A Camera, adds, "We're able to swap back and forth between the two batteries fairly easily without ever having to power down the camera. That keeps things moving quickly and efficiently, which is vital on set. "And the ability to break away and use the DIONICs alone is really beneficial," he continues. "The Americans features a lot of conversations inside cars, and we often find ourselves strapping a stripped down camera to a car mount - just the lens, the camera, and the DIONIC HC battery. It allows us a lot more versatility and the ability to get into tight spaces and angles." The video village cart can also run entirely off the Anton/Bauer CINE VCLX batteries. "We go off of the power provided by our electrical department when possible, but in order to be quick and on the move, and to get an image up for the director as soon as we can, we'll often go with the VCLX batteries," says Russell. "And if our location restricts us from getting any power from electrics, we can subsist all day off the VCLX batteries. We also wear DIONICs on the back of the two 7-inch monitors that are primarily for the DP and director outside of the video village." Rutkowski also utilizes Litepanels' signature 1x1 LED panel to keep them on the move. "We use a 1x1 panel in cars quite frequently on this show. We'll also sometimes use them on streets or other exteriors where I'm going to have a hard time getting a power source. Since it's an LED, I can snap a battery onto the back of the panel, and it will last quite a long time." The camera department also carries two OConnor 2575 fluid heads at all times, primarily for use on the A and B cameras. "The 2575 has absolutely become the industry standard fluid head," comments Rutkowski. "It's what every operator I work with asks for." During this past season, Russell and First Assistant Cameraman Rory Hanrahan developed an interesting way to use the OConnor 2575's innate flexibility. "You have to figure out how to get certain angles for more interesting shots, and we've often had to get the lens as close as possible to the ground for our show," Russell explains. "We tried a few different ways, but the best technique we found was to under-rig the 2575 to the jib arm. Then, we set up our camera with a low mode bracket that mounts on the top of the camera and attach a quick release plate to that. We mount the camera and the head upside down, allowing us to get an inch off the ground without anything inhibiting our movement." Rutkowski's classic OConnor 100 fluid head frequently gets called into action on set too. "We have Richard's 100 on one of the mounts on our lens cart, and everybody in our camera department knows what to do when Richard calls for it," says Russell. "It's a lower profile head, so if we're on a hi-hat, or boxes or even the dolly, instead of having to wait for different parts, we can throw the 100 on and get clearance of 4 to 6 fewer inches than we could get before. It really helps in getting low angles, and it also comes into play a lot for us when we're working with process trailer rigs, so we can get low over a car hood." All of the Anton/Bauer batteries, the Litepanels fixtures, the OConnor 2575 fluid head, and the two ARRI ALEXA PLUS cameras are furnished to the production through ARRI CSC. The team from ARRI CSC worked closely with Daniel Brosnan, Video Utility for The Americans, and Yusuke Sato, Second Assistant, B Camera, to bring additional functionality to some of the Anton/Bauer batteries used on the show. "They worked with the guys at CSC to create a genius piece for us," notes Russell. "When we needed to get into really tight spaces, we were able to actually mount an Anton/Bauer VCLX battery and our wireless transmitting system, running off of a DIONIC Gold Mount wired with an XLR power cable, onto the back of the dolly. It was great to work with them and come up with new, cool ways to bring us added functionality with this gear out in the field." "Working with Richard closely and listening to his vision helped us identify with the unique shooting conditions they planned," says Matthew Kolze, camera service department manager at ARRI CSC." Anton/Bauer products gave us the ability to match the challenges The Americans crew had while offering the flexibility they needed on set and at location."
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