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Found 7 results

  1. I recently purchased a Kern Switar 10mm f1.4 lens, which appears to be in good condition, for use on my Bolex EBM with a c mount adapter. However, when mounting this lens I encountered a strange problem where it would only focus at extremely close distances and leaves the rest out of focus. Seems like this lens is not in such great shape after all but wondering if anyone knows a fix? Thanks for any help!
  2. Zeiss MK2 Standard Speed Set of 10 PL Mount 12,16,,20,24,28,32,40,50,60 &85mm ?? ??? ??? ??????? ??? ???? ??????? ???? ????? ???? ???? ????? ??? ??? ??????? ?????? ??? ???. ??? ??? ?????? ??? ???? ???????? ?? ?????? ??? 2022 ??? ?? ???? ???? ?????. ?????? ?????: You have the right to a 48 hour check out period from time of receipt to verify that equipment purchased has not been misrepresented in any way and to verify that it is in good working order. ??? ???? ??????????? ???? ?? ??????? ?????? ??? ???????? ?????? ?? ?? ?? ???? ?? ???? 917-499-9596 ?? ????? ???????@???????????.??? Focal Length Aperture 12mm T2.1 16mm T2.1 20mm T2.1 24mm T2.1 28mm T2.1 32mm T2.1 40mm T2.1 50mm T2.1 60mm Macro T2.9
  3. Selling this beauty because i need liquidity for a personnal project. I've shot a couple of rolls with it, mags, lense and inside of the camera is in good condition, battery is new, belt recently replaced in the camera body, all frame rates work perfectly. THIS IS A READY TO SHOOT KIT. I can send more pictures & footages of the 3 magasines & a video of the camera running. Invoice for the buy can be produce through my company. Shipping from europe (france/belgium/holland) I am trying to get back what i've put into it, 7.2k (euro). - 1x ARRI SR2 body - 3x magazines - 1x V-lock battery + d-tap to xlr 4 pin cable - 1x cinematography electronics speed control (5fps to 75fps) - 1x Zeiss 10-100 f3.1 - 1x extender for viewfinder - professional camera bags & cases for everything (lenses, mags, darkroom ...) Cheers
  4. Nikon ais round iris LPL mount these are completely cinevised great vintage Nikkors ais. I instaled round iris , so Lens has beatiful bokeh throught all f-stops. There is hard LPL mounts on lens, there are custom made aluminium focus and iris gears. 80mm fronts with 77mm filter thread.. Lens are declicked and re-greased. there was lot of work at all. Only 15mm has original iris. I am working on another 15mm to get round iris. if I am succesful, I will replace the iris in this set as well. You can use LMB15 wtih lens. Only 15mm needs 49mm filters on rear part of lens, so there is a set of ND filters from clear to ND2.1. You can screw the filter on 49mm thread on rear part of 15mm. Close focus was improved on some lens, really nice. Lens were made on request of one of the bigest Netflix movie shot this year, they used it as B set on Alexa LF and RED Komodo. They liked the look, round iris and that lens are superlight for special handheld shoots and great close focus. Also the vintage look with great bokeh. Great for gymbals-Komodo + these Nikons can go to smaller gymbal size all lens fully cover Alexa LF in OG mode. There is 6 months warancy. I have another set, staying with me for my shootings. There is extra 105mm/2 whitch can be aded to this set for extra 2000USD. 14mm f /2.8 / 143mm front 15mm f /3,5 / 110mm front SN 187683 20mm f /2.8 / 80mm front SN 24mm f /2 / 80mm front SN 215186 28mm f/2 / 80mm front SN 590431 35mm f 1.4. / 80mm front SN 459513 50mm f1.2 / 80mm front SN270699 85mm f 1.4 /80mm front SN 193026 105mm f 2.5 /80mm front SN 848881 Price 12 900Euro martinsacha7@gmail.com
  5. Mamiya SEKOR Medium format lens cinevised hard PL mounts, colimated focus and iris goes smooths declicked focus and iris gear 80mm custom made fronts better thickness 2,5mm(not like most of chinese) all custom made with aluminium, not any 3D plastic 24mm/4 fisheye ULD C SN:10186 35mm/3.5 C N SN:102540 45mm/2.8 C N SN:25660 55mm/2.8 CN SN: 510164 80mm/1.9 CN SN: 20704 110mm/2.8 CN SN: 102700 price 5900 Euro OBO for 35,45,55,80,110mm price 6350 Euro for 24mm only complete set 11 700 Euro located in Europe
  6. Offered for the first time an Apochromat Kinoptik Paris 6-lens set Carefully selected serial # range for best tone and performance Excellent coatings with a future rehousing in mind 18mm f/1.8 T2.2 Arri standard 28mm f/2 T2.5 Arri standard with PL adapter 40mm f/2 T2.4 Arri standard according to online sources it’s more like a 38mm focal length full frame coverage 50mm f/2 T2.5 Camflex with Hawkfactory adapter 75mm f/2 T2.5 Arri standard 100mm f/2 T2.5 Arri standard Available for a limited time Excellent coatings No fungus no separation no image issues Mechanics work well and Arri standard has adapters to PL $42,000 Can be picked up in San Diego/LA/NY
  7. Dear All Friends, We have a kit of Used Zeiss Arriflex MK2 High Speed Lenses, including18-25-35-50-85mm T1.3. Price is USD30000. Please send e-mail to cinesolution@foxmail.com if you are interested, thank you!
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