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Found 7 results

  1. Sometimes you stumble upon projects that are really really rewarding and where you can express yourself as an artist. Médicos Del Mundo is one of them. Chema Sayago, a producer friend of mine, gave me a call one day and asked me if I was available to shoot a project for a NGO with no money. I obviously said yes. He told me that the director was going to be Borja Larrondo, whom I didn't know at the time. I was a bit nervous about that because he is a really good director, amazing photographer, has everything super clear and his work is always extremely impressive. On top of that he has a couple of awards like a Lion from Cannes and a Clio.. so nothing big haha! Anyways! We met through a Skype call and we connected straight away.. he is such a humble person! and super open to ideas from collaborators! It was like if I had been talking to a friend of mine whom I had known since we were kids! Hence, I took the first plane on that day from Dublin to Madrid and we started doing our location scouting on the following day. We had 10 locations to shoot in just 1 day (12 hours) so we went to the locations a couple of times before the shooting day to make sure that we knew what we wanted to do, how we wanted to do it and what kind of things we could improvise. That prep time was fundamental for us to be able to shoot that fast. At some point we started to think that it would be interesting to mix formats and create the sense of despair and loneliness through different shots of the locations, in 35mm in order to get a rougher image than the one that the Alexa was going to give us. And we shot on 35mm too! which added a bit of pressure (as if we didn't have any!) to our schedule... mainly because it had to be edited and graded 3 days after the shooting day and as there was a weekend in between the cost of processing and scanning in Cinelab was astronomic for our production, so we decided to not process the film during the weekend and wait for them to process it during the week. They edited the project leaving empty spaces for the 35mm shots and the producers convinced the client to wait for those shots because they were going to make the project way better.. and when the shots came in Borja chose the ones that he liked, Nuria (our editor) inserted them and I went to the colour grading place for 15 minutes to make sure that they looked exactly as we wanted them to look. I've to say that all the team behind the project was really supportive of all our ideas, from the producers to the client and the crew. All spectacular! The companies which supported this endeavour were fantastic as well so thanks to everybody! The Director's Cut has English subtitles and a different music, coming from Nicolas Jaar, who let us use one of his songs. The Client version doesn't have English subtitles and has a lot of 35mm stuff. I think that both are very good! Medicos Del Mundo - Director's Cut - English Subtitles Medicos Del Mundo https://vimeo.com/305734573 - We shot on Alexa Mini and Arricam LT + Leica Summilux and Kodak Vision 3 5219 pushed 1 stop. Colour graded by Noemi Lallave in El Colorado (Madrid) I hope you like it!
  2. Please email sales@broadcastsolutions for pricing and details. For Sale: CINEMA LENSES: Leica Summicron-C Set Includes: 18/25/35/50/75/100mm Angenieux Anamorphic 30-72mm Zoom Lens Angenieux Anamorphic 56-152mm Zoom Lens Arri Ultra Prime Lens Set Includes: 16/24/32/50/85/100mm Arri Ultra Prime Lens Set Includes: 16/24/32/50/85mm Arri Ultra Prime 28mm Lens Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm Zoom Lens Angenieux Optimo 15-40mm Zoom Lens Angenieux Optimo DP 16-42mm Zoom Lens Arri Alura 45-250mm Lens Feet New Arri Alura 18-80mm Lens Feet Schneider Shift Tilt Super Angulon Lens Set Includes: 28/50/90mm Macro Zeiss CZ-2 28-80mm T2.9 Compact Zoom Lens Zeiss CZ-2 70-200mm T2.9 Compact Zoom Lens Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm V1 Zoom Lens Red Pro 300mm T2.9 Lens Red Pro 18-50mm T2.9 Lens Red Pro 50-150mm T2.9 Lens Red Pro 17-50mm T2.9 Lens CAMERAS: Phantom Flex 4K 128GB Includes: 2-2TB CineMags, Cine Station,OLED VF, Extended Warranty, Email For Complete Details & Price Phantom Flex 4K 64GB Package Includes: 2TB CineMags, Cine Station NEW Arri Alexa Mini Kit w/License, Under Warranty Email for Details Arri Alexa SXT EV Camera Package Arri Alexa XT Plus Camera Package Arri Alexa Studio Camera Package Arri Alexa Plus 4:3 Camera Package Red Epic-W Helium 8K Brain New Never Used Red Epic Dragon Camera Packages Sony F65 Camera Package Sony F55 Camera Package Panasonic Varicam LT Camera Package Panasonic HPX 3700 Camera Packages Panasonic Varicam 35 Camera Packages S16/35mm FILM CAMERAS Arricam LT 3 Perf Film Kit ArriFlex 16SR3 High Speed Advanced Film Kit ArriFlex 16SR3 Silent Film Kit Arri 435 4 Perf Kit Arri 535 4 Perf Kit 2/3" Lens Canon HJ11ex4.7B WRSE Canon HJ17ex7.6B IRSE Fujinon HA22x7.8 Lens Qty.-2 Available Fujinon XA17x7.6BERM Zeiss DigiZoom 6-24 B4 Mount Qty.-2 Available CAMERA SUPPORT: Vinten Quartz 2 Stage Pedestals w/Vector 900 Heads Qty.-2 Worral Gear Head Sachtler Video 20 Tripod System CAMERA ACCESSORIES: Teradek Bolt Pro 3000 (SDI) Digital Bartech Kit (Email For Full Details) Preston HU3 Hand Controllers Heden Motors M26VE & M21VE Arri Follow Focus FF3 2 Speed Follow Focus w/15 &19mm Sliders,Short & Long Tails,Case Looking For : (Preowned) To Purchase Arri Alexa Mini Packages Arri 416 Film Kits Arri Alura 18-80 Lens Canon K35 Lenses Film Scanner: Lasergraphics Director 4K, Scanity, Scanstation or Northlight 2 P&S Technik Skater Scope Century 2000 Periscope
  3. I am helping a friend of mine who owns a dealership sell off their brand new Arri 35mm film cameras (ARRICAM LT, ARRI 435 EXTREME, and ARRI 235). This is a great deal for these brand spanking new extensive camera packages. Please PM or email me at nli@q-films.com if interested. Without further ado: ARRICAM LT (NEW): $18,000 USD GM K0.60005.0 ARRICAM LITE (LT) WITH ELECTR ADJ SHUTTER 1.00 Camera GM K2.54005.0 STUDIO MEDIUM EXTENSION 1.00 GM K2.54010.0 SPEED CONTROL BOX (SCB) 1.00 GM K2.54028.0 LT STEADICAM MAG,120M/400FT 2.00 GM K2.54039.0 LT VIDEO SYSTEM PAL 1.00 GM K2.54048.0 LITE MAGAZINE ADAPTER 1.00 GM K2.54078.0 LITE CAMERA HANDLE 1.00 GM K2.54092.0 FRAMEGLOW MASK S2.35 - CENTRIC 1.00 GM K2.54097.0 LITE SHOULDER MAGAZINE 120M/400FT 3.00 GM K2.54100.0 GROUND GLASS TV-ISO 1.33 2.00 GM K2.54103.0 GROUND GLASS 1.85 1.00 GM K2.54108.0 GROUND GLASS S-1.85 1.00 GM K2.54109.0 GROUND GLASS S2.35 + 1.85 CENTRIC 1.00 GM K2.54112.0 MASK 1.85 1.00 GM K2.54114.0 MASK S-1.85 1.00 GM K2.54117.0 MASK TV-ISO 1.33 2.00 GM K2.54121.0 MASK S-TV-SAFE 2.00 GM K2.54128.0 REMOTE (3M/9FT) 1.00 GM K2.54151.0 KONSOLE RECHTS KPL 1.00 GM K2.54179.0 FORMAT MASK SET AC-4P 1.00 GM K2.55000.0 MEDIUM EYEPIECE EXTENSION 1.00 GM K2.47769.0 HEATED EYECUP HE-5 1.00 GM K2.47772.0 CABLE (HE-5) 1.00 ARRI 435 EXTREME (NEW): $12,000 US GM K0.60019.0 435 XTR ANAM ARRIFLEX C/W 2.00 Camera GM K2.47082.0 FINDER EXTENDER FE-3 3.00 GM K2.47083.0 400FT MAGAZINE (435) 3.00 GM K2.47088.0 ARRIGLOW MODULE 2.00 GM K2.47365.0 VIDEO ELECTRONIC PAL 1.00 GM K2.47366.0 IVS NTSC (435) 1.00 GM K2.47230.0 VIDEO OPTICS SILENT 2.00 GM K2.21860.0 SHOULDER CUSHION 1.00 GM K2.42202.0 EYECUP CPL 1.00 GM K2.47197.0 REMOTE CONTROL RCU-1 2.00 GM K2.44420.B G/GLASS 535 1:1.85 1.00 GM K2.44420.C G/GLASS 2.35 (F2) 2.00 GM K2.44420.D GROUND GLASS 535 TV-1.33 3.00 GM K2.44420.F GROUND GLASS 2.35 S35 1.00 GM K2.44819.0 ALUMINIUM CASE (2 X1000FT) 1.00 GM K2.47005.3 ARRIGLOW MASK SILENT 1.00 GM K2.47006.3 ARRIGLOW MASK 2.35 2.00 GM K2.47009.3 ARRIGLOW MASK 1.85(S35) 1.00 GM K2.47011.3 ARRIGLOW MASK 1.85 1.00 GM K2.47013.S ARRIGLOW MASK 1,33 TV ® 10.00 GM K2.47018.3 ARRIGLOW MASK 2.35 (S35) 2.00 GM K2.47035.3 ARRIGLOW MASK 2.35 (S35) CENTR 1.00 GM K2.47057.S ARRIGLOW MASK 1.37,1.66 T 2.00 GM K2.52001.0 STECKERMODUL 24V KPL 1.00 GM K2.52003.0 12V SPLITTER BOX 1.00 GM K4.47476.0 ANAMORPHIC FINDER CPL 1.00 GM K4.48347.0 CABLE UPD 435ADV 4.00 ARRI 235 (NEW): $15,000 USD ARRIFLEX 235 x 1 IVS 235 PAL x 1 IVS 235 NTSC x 1 235 ON BOARD BATTERY (OBB-1) x 7 235 ON BOARD BATTERY CHARGER x 2 235 ON BOARD BATTERY CABLE x 2 235 UNIVERSAL VIEWFINDER SET (UV-1) x 1 235 ACCESSORY EXPANSION CABLE x 1 LONG EYEPIECE EXTENSION (LEE-1) x 3 SIDE BRACKET (SBR-1) x 2 SHOULDER MAGAZINE 400FT (SHM-2) x 1 ROD MOUNTING BRACKET (RMB-1) x 1 VIDEO MONITOR 2" PAL x 1 WEDGE PLATE CPL x 2 235 SHOULDER MAGAZINE 60/200 x 1 RISER PLATE (RP-1) x 1 235 STANDARD CAMERA HANDLE x 1 SHOULDER PAD (SP-1) x 1 STEADICAM MAG 120M (STM-1) x 3 STUETZROHR 165 SET x 1 STUETZROHR - 185 SET 2STCK x 1 CARRYING HANDLE TRIPOD x 4 SHOULDER PAD CPL x 3 UPDATE CABLE x 2 LFF-SUPPORT LEFT x 1
  4. Kaspar Kamu

    Arricam LT

    Dear all, I'm shooting a short film next month with an Arricam LT. Our number of mags are limited, so we will go with 1000' rolls. On the ST I've seen that the magazines can be mounted on top of the camera. My question is whether it's possible to do this with the LT as well. We need to do this, since many shots will be on a jib, and if the magazine is mounted to the rear, it will undoubtedly knock against the jib if we're in a steep low-angle. Alternatively (and this might be a question better suited to a gripping subforum) is there a way of extending the jib to avoid the aforementioned problem? ' Many thanks in advance!
  5. I'm selling an ARRICAM LT 4-PERF 35mm Camera package with the following contents: Case containing: Arricam LT 35mm Camera Body x 1 4 perf Movement x 1 Glow Mask x 1 Gate Mask x 1 Ground Glass x 1 LT Camera Handle x 1 LT Viewfinder Top (Anamorphic) x 1 Eyepiece and eyecup x 1 Extension Eyepiece ST x 1 Frame Glow Module x 1 BP8 Bridge Plate x 1 Balance Plate x 1 19MM/440MM Bar (Pair) x 1 Camera to Battery Cable x 2 LT IVS (PAL) x 1 Case Containing: LT To ST Magazine Adapter x 1 LT Centre Handle x 1 Case Containing: 400'/120M LT Shoulder Magazine x 1 400'/120M LT Shoulder Magazine x 1 400'/120M LT Shoulder Magazine x 1 It is located in Europe. Price is $14,000 USD + S&H. Please PM or email if interested. Thanks, Norm
  6. I am looking at purchasing an Arricam LT 2-perf 35mm camera package. Please PM or email if you have one for sale. nli@q-films.com Thanks, Norm
  7. I am looking at purchasing an Arricam LT 2-perf 35mm camera package. Please PM or email if you have one for sale. nli@q-films.com Thanks, Norm
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