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Found 10 results

  1. Lomo anamorphic 75mm. pl mount 12000 euro juventus714@hotmail.com
  2. Lomo anamorphic 50mm with pl mount 11.000 euro if any question please contact with me by mail juventus714@hotmail.com or facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001273759860 Thanks
  3. Conversion LOMO lenses , rehousing primes , anamorphic - any mount PL , MFT , Sony E Hi ! Offer conversion LOMO primes , Anamorphic or another brand For example you has optical block from LOMO primes or lens with OCT - 18 mount in very bad condition I am made new housing for you optical block After black anodized , fit PL mount , engraved scales ,checked on collimator After finally assembly At last we have NEW lens with PL mount , NON ROTATED 80 mm fronts with thread for filter 77 mm , ARRI Standard 32 pitch ( module 0.8 ) Focus gear rings It is a sample of conversion LOMO prime type OKC5-18-1 - I can fit any mount - PL mount , MFT ( micro 4/3 ) , Sony E mount The price of conversion depand WHAT YOU WANT - Full rehousing your lenses , to fit only Pl mount or another , if you need will fit Imperial markings Focus scale or engraving in Meters .. your fantasy unlimited depands only of your wishes and money in pouch .. Many potential buyers wanted to convert Kinor 35 style LOMO primes , I am made conversion this type of lenses with NON ROTATE front on matte box ,now nobody on the market to offer conversion with NON ROTATE front , it is possible to make conversion mechanism of movement - so Focus scale on lens will has rotation about 300 - 330 degrees Later I will add some photos of conversion another LOMO primes Do not forget about old optics that manufactured before LOMO - OKC on Krasnogorsk for example PO 2-2 F = 75/2 , PO3-2 F = 50/2 - this type of optical blocks or in OCT - 18 mount it is possible to find easy and very cheap with excellent glasses and I am help you with rehousing Best regards Sergey sergastr@list.ru sergastr@yohoo.com
  4. All type lomo round front anamorphic OKT mounts and native supports Mounts 40USD Supports-30USD juventus714@hotmail.com
  5. interested in buying 35mm, 75 and 100mmm round front anamorphic lenses. prefer EUrope but any offers welcome. with any mount, clean lens. klimpar@vonkuttenberg.com or +420777174155 (imessage works as well)
  6. Lomo square anamorphic lens. The ideal lens condition, no scratches, chips. I do not know what a mount, presumably BNCR. 50/2 - 4000$ 80/2 - 5000$ Pick Up Moscow, Russia So there LOMO NAS, cheaper&
  7. I am selling Round anamorphic Lomo lens 500mm 35BAC14-1 ser.number 690040 very rare lens in very good conditions, iris and focus goes very smooth. Glass is clean. PL mount. gallery : http://picsurge.com/g/ZzXA6j It has both focus and iris rings. Price: 7200USD + shipping.
  8. For sale: LOMO anamorphic BAS23-2 75 mm f2.3 round front lens, Pl mount, ARRI rings 0.8 for focus and aperture, lens clean and clear, LIKE NEW! Lens adjustmentment by service spbsale.com and ready to shoot. Very smooch focus and aperture, clean and clear, no fungus, no durst incide, no scratchers. Included two lens caps: front and rear. S/N: 810026 Price: 8000 USD (worldwide shipping included) email: schubert@ngs.ru
  9. LOMO 35OPF18 anamorphiс zoom lens 20-120 mm f3.5, (40-240 f6.3 anamorphic rear adapter use), OCT-19 mount full kit. Excellent condition, "like new", lens klean and clear. The set included: 1 lens 35OPF18 SN: 910036 two lens caps 1 rear anamorphic adapter with OCT-19 mount 1 oct-19 mount 1 1.5x extender 1 2.1x extender 1 tripod plate 2 reels rod s15 mm support 1 lens support greep 1 lens support plate 2 zoom/focus handle 1 hard aluminium cease Price: $5000+ shipping. email: schubert@ngs.ru (camera and oct-19 adapter is not included).
  10. In this article I interview DP Ketil Dietrichson on his use of LOMO anamorphic lenses and beauty lighting to shoot Ariana Grande. http://www.cinematographydb.com/2014/12/cinematography-ariana-grande-love-harder-dp-ketil-dietrichson/ Check out our 3D interactive lighting diagram and let me know what you think! Cheers, Matt
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