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i was wondering how u guyz do your edits

i am talking mostly about music video's with a lotta filter effects going on

in use with final cut pro, & after effects and maybe apple motion


i capture my footage in dv,

do the edit in final cut pro

put the song in sync

export it as a quicktime file,

and then goes too after effect to do my effects and layering (how can i use after effect while i am still in final cut so i dont have too export the whole movie)

anyway, after after effect i take it maybe too motion for sum motion effects

and then send it too compressor and make a quicktime mov out of it


but i think i am overlooking some tricks too do , so i can stay in final cut without waiting hours of rendering for going too after effect and back


i would like too know how u would edit (or does edits) a music video with a lotta fx made in after effect


ps: sorry for my english i am doing my best too communicate ,may have some spell faults forgive me

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Well, you can always render out a single shot and take it into After Effects, but it depends exactly what you are trying to do.


On the last music video I cut, I had a number of processes (such as a basic grade, deinterlace, and slow-motion processing) which I needed to do to large chunks of the video, so although it was rather wasteful on time, I just pre-processed the entire rushes with these effects. It took a day of rendering to do it, but it then meant that I could just cut away with finished-looking material, then go back and tweak later.


Of course this might not work for exactly what you are trying to do. Bear in mind that in terms of layering and compositing effects, it may be possible to do what you want to do right in FCP - I used Premiere to do layering and compositing for years before I ever needed to learn After Effects. I presume FCP is at least as capable.



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My process:


Capture shots via Premiere Pro.

Film faking/film motion conversion in Premiere.

Export to new clips to proper folders.

Burn Master Clips to DVD for safe keeping.

Import clips into Premiere.

Make cuts and apply speed/time effects.

Apply other effects such as strobe or style FX.

Add titles/credits.

Export to compressed AVI for Internet distribution.

Render in Premiere and author DVD for TV station.

Export full quality AVI for Encore.

Create menus, chapters etc. in Encore.

Author master DVD.


There ya go :).

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