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  1. Searched, cant find an answer. Is it possible to remove the loop formers without taking the camera apart? The last time I tried to disassemble a K3, it ended up in the morgue. Id rather like to avoid that this time around. Thanks! Dory
  2. The flicker is most likely becasue of the shutter speed (or angle, not sure on that) and the lights freaquency not being matched. At least, that what it looks like to me, but I am far from an expert. Really cool tho man! Some of the shots of the riders goofing off got a little tedious but other then that it was sick!
  3. I'm wondering if the M42 to Nikon adapters will allow me to effectively use Nikon lenses on a K3. I know the mounts have been converted but will it work with an adapter? Thanks, Dory
  4. Hey I just watched this again, and I thought I'd tell you again how sick those outdoors shots were. Really well done, and you even got a pretty subject too! Snow and girls YAY! Nice job man!
  5. Hey all, I was wondering if it is in any way possible to convert the PL mount on any of the SR series to a Nikon mount (the current one, I think its the F mount) and how costly it would be. I have 5 really nice Nikon lenses that I use for still photography and just wondered if it was possible. Thanks, Dory
  6. It seems like if you know what the diferance looks like, you'll find it. But, if you dont know what the diferance is, then you wont be able to tell. Thats just how it is for me tho.
  7. Friggin awesome man! Makes me want a red! Were the exteriors actually shot at night or did they go thru a day to night?
  8. Pretty cool dude! Nice cinematography and pretty well put together too! One spot I saw something that is a big no no on one of those shots of the guys climbing up a snowy rock face is it looked like your crane/cam rig hit a tree and noked some snow off of it >.< still great reel. i watched it while listening to "He's a Pirate" from POTC and it was great :-P.
  9. Looked pretty jumpy, but other then that not half bad man!
  10. Of the few lenses have used it seems that they all have a "sweet spot", although my DVX lens and then lens on my moms EOS20d (canon SLR) seem to perform pretty well when all the way open, but when there shut down all the way it looks like poo, especially my DVX (SD tho, what you expect?).
  11. My experience with the DVX is that it is best to get as much color and dynamic range out of it as possible if you want to CC in post. But you want to keep it as realistic looking as possible. What I've been doing is ramping my chroma level up as high as it will go, using the cinelike_D gama curve and cinelike color matrix and leaving everything else at 0. then in post i can desaturate it a bit, and there is plenty of color to work with without worrying too much about the bad compression.
  12. oh man, that was beautiful! Especially the wide dolly shot with the bay, mountains nd clouds in the HDV reel. WOW!
  13. didnt like the editing or the music, didnt flow right, but the cinematography was defenetly good dude.
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