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Kirk Sade

Lighting a plate of dim sum

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I'm shooting a plate of dim sum for a commercial company...the back ground is going to be blue screen. Any advice on how to light a china plate? how to deal with reflections? thanks in advance.

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Sorry, but you need to change your screen name to your real name, as stated in the forum rules. You can do it in My Controls.


You'll get more help using your real name.

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you could use a lightning tent as used in product photography as seen here or here.


The same principal works for video and film, you box the product in with either 4'x4' frames with diffusion or bouncecards and you place your sources from where you want them to come from, as said in the previous post a toplight would work good with to bounce cards on the left and on the right and a back light.


you can also place your camera between bouncecards and so minimize the reflection of your camera on the subject.


anyway that's how i do it :P



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I was working on a cooking show where we shot various food beauties. The food was placed on a dining room table (as we were on location) and the DP used a 6x6 frame in a book light configuration above the table with a silk backed with a black. Into the frame were bounced 2x 1K's. A little bit of negative fill and front fill were used depending on the shot.

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A good way of lighting china is to get your diffusion material ( a combination of full and quarter silk about a foot apart would be good) as close as possible to the piece and your light as far as possible...this'll creat a very soft effect on the body of the plate and leaves you with the option of selectively slashing with Dedos or other controllable spot lights.

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