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  1. see this allot when when I get the first edit made by someone in premiere. when the final edit is graded in proper software like resolve its gone so definitely something premiere does with the standard 709 lut.
  2. Thanks for your reply! The one in Kerry look interesting (and just a short flight). To bad they dont have one plannend at the moment but i will keep an eye on them. Have a Nice day
  3. Hi everybody, I am looking for a dp/lighting masterclass. Right now i am a working professional. I started 14 years ago as a ENG camera operator and progressed to documentairy and now on to commercials and have a dream of one day making the step in to narrative. Mostly on the lower budget end. (Shooting mainly on red and arri) with max 1 gaffer and 1 best boy. I have a good understanding of lighting etc but i do feel i lack the understanding of bigger lighting set ups. The type of course i am looking for is a advance type of class. Most of the stuff i find is mainly directed to the basics. Can be world wide, based in europe (amsterdam). Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks, I think my conclusion is that i would be better of picking up some cheap open face blondes and some 1kw fresnels instead as they would be much more versatile.
  5. Thanks for your fast response! Would the multiple shadows also be an issue when using diffusion? Also would it be to hot to use indoors or would it be the same as a blonde?
  6. Hi, On a second hand website i found a 2x 1000w par64 armature sort of like a (mini) mini brute for pretty cheap. I was wondering if this light would be usefull or i would be better of just using some old open face 2kw blondes. my main use would be simulating sunlight coming from smaller windows or used as bounce or diffused by muslin or silk. when the budget allows i would obviously use HMI's for this but there are these low budget shoots when i just have some smaller units and i miss some fire power. This is the light: Thanks
  7. hi, I have a shoot this tuesday, it's going to be two people sitting on a table. one on the head of the table the other on his lefthand side facing each other. The director wants it to be a bit dramatic, warm and classy. This is what i came up with for a lighting plan: I havent included lights for the background in the diagram since i don't know what the bg will look like. The will sit in front of a big wine rack that i will probably backlight with one or two 800w redheads or a blonde if needed. the camera will be the sony PDW-700 HD camera with HD eng lenses. I was just wondering if you guys think this is the best way to go or if you have some suggestions. greetings and thanks, Sander.
  8. Hi guys, I'm shooting leadershots for a new series of a TV show called dancing with the stars. Now I have done lots of chromakey shoots but they were all relative small screens or cyc's. for this shoot i have a screen that is about 25ft in length (not a cyc) though. The couples have to dance in and out of the shot and do dance routines in front of the screen. What would be the best way of keeping the lighting on the couple the same overall. I was thinking of placing about 4 or 5 of kino 4 banks in one line over the length of the screen, what do ou guys think?? I plan to light the screen with redhead 800w lights hanging from the ceiling and a couple facing the other way as a backlight. Thnx, Sander
  9. Hey guys, I just finished my first music video, The budget was very low like all music video's we had 2500 euro's to pay for everything including food transportation and location. The video was shot on the XDCAM pdw530P using normal ENG lenses, a dolly, a ringlight and a a couple of kino 2 banks and redheads. It's a Dutch hiphop group so most of you won't be able to understand it The guy with the red hat on has a show in holland where he checks out clubs so the idea for this video was that it was like one of his items but then a bit over the top (that's also what the song is about. Check it out here Any feedback is welcome, Thnx sander.
  10. I'm by no means an expert on this matter so this is more or less a guess, But i like the question and it made me think. You need light to emit a certain color temperature, this light is what is taken in by your eye and what you compensate for in your brain. you can fool this by looking through a piece of CTB for 10 minutes and you will see that for a couple of seconds your brain is not correctly balanced. this works because light comes through the ctb just at a different color temp. The photograph you stare at does not emit light in a certain color temperature so a daylight balanced picture that has been lit with tungsten wil print as a yellow/orange picture and that is wat u see. and because this is accurate your brain does not compensate for it. You would never be able to see a painting or a movie in accurate color because you would constantly compensate the color in your brain. Like i said just a guess,
  11. I have done the dimmer thing once and it worked good... i used a 575 with 2 fans, one having some different gels attachted to the blades just to get some color in the beams. Both of the fans one dimmers and someone was operating then on different speeds. However the fans do not like being on a dimmer so get some spare fans in case one breaks.
  12. The way to go is to use the camera on full manual mode, set your F stop at 2.0 (as i recall this is max open for the dsr250). As said before you can use the ND1 or ND2 filter to control your light to stay at this aperture... And also experiment with different focal lengths, if you zoom in nearing the end of the lens your background will look more out of focus (don't go to the very end of your lens, you lose allot of light there). also experiment with the distance of your subject to your lens and distance of your subject in relation to the background. do some tests this will help you to understand DOF and how to use it. Sander,
  13. both the PDW530 and the DVW970 both have a 25p option, so i guess it's just i price thing then. I just wondered causse i hardly every see anything on this board shot on digi or XD, it's either the hvx200 or it's shot on film or something like a viper etc ...
  14. hi, I have been reading on this board for some time now and what I was wondering is that i see allot of the lower budget music videos and short films beeing shot on the HVX200 and i actually talked to a few dp's here in holland who prefer this camera over for instance a digibeta or XDCAM, even thought the output wil be PAL sd video. Now i'm asking this because I work with XDCAM and digibeta everyday and i think they are easier to work with and beter quality wise, or am i missing something here. greetz, Sander
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