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HVX-200. $2200. Good Deal or Too Late As These Things Go?

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I shoot broadcast SD and HD. I never brought my own rig, and now with the LittleCams offering a lot for less, I am tempted (again.)


A trusted colleague will sell me his home-use HVX-200, low miles, 3 cards, total 40Gigs with it, the usual accessories. I am quite willing to add cards and such. Tripod not included.


Apart from being a killer home-video rig, is this camera still, in your opinions, worth $2200 for professional applications? By that I mean:


Is the look up to what can sell in a broad corporate market today or does it have specific shortcomings that the 200A fixed, and which are deal-breakers?


I am 'old-style' (focus, iris, good lighting and rigorous image control) so it needs to live with that, no semi-auto applications unless it's fast events for less critical applications.

Lens, picture quality are bottom lines on this. I am well aware of price points, so within those considerations...


I wish to provide corporate/documentary high-quality images for smaller clients where the end result could wind up in a number of outlets, combined with the 'quick-call' ability of owning the gear. I have one client where my main competition would be some 10 years of BetaSP broadcast footage I shot for them.


Also, for independently shot projects (possibly dramatic stuff) I would want this to at least be respectable in terms of image possibilites, i.e. 'looks' that could help in post.


I know this is broad and subjective to an extent, but I would value any and all comments on this camera, as the info on it is fading with the newer models coming along.


Thank You,


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Its still used. I never liked it due to it's noise and low light performance, but it's still a used camera. There's been a bit of a bite out of the market for it with the arrival of VDSLRs, but I still see people asking for 'em. Certainly good for run and gun work, and smaller shoots and with proper lighting can produce a nice image, and at that price it's nearly a steal!

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