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Cesar Rubio

Basler Cameras for HD-3DTV productions.

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Maximum resolution: 2048x1088 pxs.


Progressive Scan.


Maximum frame rates at full resolution: 340 fps. (in uncompressed RAW mode) It can do 25p,50p for PAL countries and 24p,48p,30p and 60p. for NTSC countries.


Connectivity: Camera Link.


Sensor: 2/3" CMOS sensor with Global Shutter.


ISO: 640 at 0dB.


Pixel size: 5.5x5.5µm.


Lens mount: C-mount 2/3" lenses.


Housing Size (LxWxH): 42 mm x 29 mm x 29 mm. (minimum Stereo Base or IA for side by side stereo 3D shooting is 29mm. but also depends on the lenses width)


Pricing: $1526 US Dlls. (each camera body without lens)



And also there is a camera (optical size is 1") that can do 2048x2048 pxs. up to 180 fps. Price $2226 US Dlls.


I see that the extra horizontal resolution can be of help in 3-D shots that were not properly adjusted while shooting.


I would probably shoot at 2048x1188 pxs. resolution at 50 or 60 fps to have margin for cropping to 1920x1080 pxs and then down convert to 1280x720 pxs for HD-3DTV or 3-D Bluray delivery.


With those camera specs and pricing I doubt that you can find anything better than that in the market!


With one DVR Express recorder and a laptop we can record 2K+/60p stereo recordings, see the image on top:




Here you can download a grab from a camera that has the same CMOSIS 2kx2K sensor on one of the Basler Ace camera: (Lens: Pentax 25mm at F5.6 Speed: 30 fps at 1/30th)


The Pentax lenses are "TV" resolution lenses that resolve pretty poorly for HD resolutions, there are better c-mount 2/3" lenses on the market like the Fujinon 5MP or these 10 MP lenses:






Cesar Rubio.

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