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Damien Dubois

Nizo S-801 to c-mount

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I opened up one of my NIZO yesterday to service it and wondered if it would be possible to machine/mill an custom adaptor to fit a c-mount Lens on it.


When you remove the lens on the NIZO S series there's a deep cavity, wider than a c-mount that would allow a c-mount lens to be mounted at the same plane level than the stock NIZO lens.


The shutter mechanism is between the lens bottom and the prism.

Is it optically and mechanically possible, considering that we could set the c-mount lens wide open and let the NIZO stock shutter control the light coming in ?


Thanks for your help



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It can be done, just get someone to machine a c-mount thread into a metal plate and fix it, I don't know about that model. I met people who did this with much a cheaper and simpler camera, I think it was a Bently, but it had a fixed lens and only manual exposure. The internal claw and drive mechanism were on a plate which was easily taken out, the fixed lens was removed and was fitted into a specially made wooden box. This box was the new camera body, the front of it had a metal plate which had a c-mount thread allowing for additional lenses. I believe the people who did this were into macro filming and wanted to use larger 35mm lenses.



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I am getting deeper in this project.

I'll try it this mod on my nizo 800 that has a custom enlarged gate. It's been a long time I wanted to properly adjust the viewfinder's mirror & mask frame to fit the custom gate. I'll kill two birds with one stone.

I probably need to re-adjust the back focusing lens element behind the shutter as described here http://www.seafriends.org.nz/phgraph/unsharp.htm with this new c-mount feature.

I'll also remove the motorised zoom and disable the shutter to do it manually.

Well it will be a ultra modded nizo :) As I have 4 of them, it's worth the test.


I'll keep you posted.

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