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  1. Hi, this a great project! Concerning DSLR, and bypassing the shutter wear, why not using the camera in video mode and outputing the frames through the HDMI socket? I have a lumix GH4 capable of 4K videos and it can feed an external display or an external recorder, then it must be able to feed a video card as well. There wont be any sync issue if your camera delivers a progressive image. Does that make sens?
  2. I own a 561 (that I am selling on the bay) and it is in focus all the way. I think it's your Camera especially which is in trouble.
  3. I am getting deeper in this project. I'll try it this mod on my nizo 800 that has a custom enlarged gate. It's been a long time I wanted to properly adjust the viewfinder's mirror & mask frame to fit the custom gate. I'll kill two birds with one stone. I probably need to re-adjust the back focusing lens element behind the shutter as described here http://www.seafriends.org.nz/phgraph/unsharp.htm with this new c-mount feature. I'll also remove the motorised zoom and disable the shutter to do it manually. Well it will be a ultra modded nizo :) As I have 4 of them, it's worth the test. I'll keep you posted.
  4. Hi Jean-Louis, Did you finally got the NIZO service manual ? Thanks Damien (Montrealer too ;) )
  5. Hello, I opened up one of my NIZO yesterday to service it and wondered if it would be possible to machine/mill an custom adaptor to fit a c-mount Lens on it. When you remove the lens on the NIZO S series there's a deep cavity, wider than a c-mount that would allow a c-mount lens to be mounted at the same plane level than the stock NIZO lens. The shutter mechanism is between the lens bottom and the prism. Is it optically and mechanically possible, considering that we could set the c-mount lens wide open and let the NIZO stock shutter control the light coming in ? Thanks for your help Damien
  6. Same thing for me. I'd curious to see that.
  7. That topic is in the nick of time ! I am selling my Kowa 8-z on the bay. You will be able to find it in typing kowa anamorphic on the bay. (I don't give the link as it is a kind of commercial). It stays available till tuesday march 23. I say it just to let you know, as it is a hard to find and very sought-after item those last few months with the widescreen mania increased by the DSLR movie makers. They all want an anamorphic adapater, as it offers very impressive results. I was stunned by the beauty of some footage I watched on vimeo. Anyway, I gave lots of informations about this lens on this board. If someone needs help don't hesitate to ask me. I did not use mine at all as I filed the gate of my nizo camera in the same time. And to compare, it's far easier to use it compared to a rig with a rod support, a mattebox, a bracket for the kowa lens, the double focusing issue... It's not the same thing, I know... cheers damian
  8. And don't forget the Seagull angle viewfinder which can be really helpful. http://onsuper8.blogspot.com/2009/06/seagu...viewfinder.html
  9. I found a blog which is dealing with this hot topic: http://www.framedin8.com/2008/10/video-assist-wi.html http://www.framedin8.com/2008/03/moss-landing-su.html This is a beaulieu with the sigview on the viewfinder. and this is the French videoAssist: http://www.flickr.com/photos/arnitoo/sets/72157608676048867/ I also remember someone who tried to put a small digital camera as close as you can from the lens to see approx. what it will be printed. That's not exactly the same thing compared to the viewfinder but it could help a bit and is easy to do for steadycam, and this way you don't get the flickering issue through the VF when the camera is shooting. hope it helps and give good ideas ;)
  10. You're definitly right. It looks like a blown up Pal :) with those bad interlaced lines that make steps on diagonals. This 1080 has nothing compared to the true progressive scan you gave through you website. So I guess we should stop about my prior suggestion with this store and that we come back to the main topic : TC for super8 in 2K :) Thanks kent
  11. Thanks for the advice. I never used their TC service and There is not much videos on their website. I will ask them a demo for their 1080 service. Maybe it's bad, maybe it's just worth its price. The codec infos are not clearly shown and they did not talk about the compression ratio etc on their leaflet. Maybe they do not offer uncompressed file transfer. I will ask them and tell you. Thanks
  12. Hi, I saw that mediacapture in Paris offers a 1080P TC service for super8 (they have got a TCM Debrie Memory machine). They deliver AVI files on HD for really low prices (less than 1€ for 1 meter as I can see on their last leaflet). http://www.mediacapture.fr/commande/tarifs_gp.pdf Hope it helps
  13. Hello, I got my 52->50 adaptor too ! It fits perfectly to the kowa 8-z. That's perfect this way. I can share the seller's email if someone is interested. (PM me) Bengt, I think that your picture is squeezed. The kettle that should be more rounder is, to my opinion, a little bit too "oval". Hope it will be ok on your S8camera. I'm thinking about the way I'll fix the A-Lens on a rod support, to keep it in the right position. I'tried with the "pola filter glassless" technic, it's perfect! It's really hard to get something sharp according to the "double focusing" issue. If you have a nice method, I would be very pleased you share it, because if I follow the distance sclales on the two lens (zoom + Kowa), the image in the viewfinder is really soft. cheers
  14. According to the FAQ from B&H store: So, If the lens has a 52mm thread filter size, and you want to screw a 50mm filter on it, you need a 52mm-50mm STEP DOWN ring ;) to screw the kowa 8z on a camera, you need a XXmm-50mm ring. I'll give you the email of the 52-50mm ring seller in PM. Cheers
  15. Did you get your money back from the store ? I don't... I found someone else on ebay who sells a lot of 50 52mm-50mm step down rings. I asked him to buy only one piece. He told me that it will be 20$ each s/h inc for North America. If you want, I can send you the mail via PM. Hope it helps.
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