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Chris Lambert

Reducing Tripod bounce on uneven flooring.

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Hi everyone


Was hoping for some advice I'm shooting a live event this weekend where I will be positioned on a little stage to film a catwalk having done the show last year I was infuriated by bouncing from people sitting on the stand, stills photographers moving etc. As the flooring is not even and bounces.


Does anyone have any tips to help alleviate this? I was thinking of going to a local DIY store and purchasing a big thick block of wood to place the tripod on top of but if anyone had any equally practical ideas short of screaming my head of at people moving inconsideratly it would be a big help.



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Suspending a breeze block from the head might help, as might a tiedown- a stage screw in the floor with a windlass between it and the head.

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Ditto on suspending a sand bag or anything heavy, though I've been in situations (ie, fight scenes, or when some large object is dropped) where nothing seems to help. It's on my scouting cheat sheet now.


I've yet to get the ok to just screw the floorboards to the joists a little tighter--but you can always throw some wood putty in your tool box just in case... if only I worked on enough projects with a set carpenter.


I know some CNC machines that are vibration-sensitive are placed on neoprene pads when they can't be secured to a concrete foundation--I might toss some scraps in my kit and try it out sometime. That + sandbag or breeze block (which google tells me is aka a cinderblock here in the states?) could make the magic happen.


Also, tell the director to stop bouncing on their heels during takes.

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