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How does one make connections?

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I understand that success usually does not come without a person having connections. I was wondering, how does one go about making these connections?

I'm going to be attending Ohio University in the fall, a place where I am hoping will grant me at least one or two connections with recent graduates who are trying to forge their own way into the industry. However, I am sure that having one or two friends who are just barely entering the field will not be very fruitful.


My question goes out to those who have already made connections: How did you make them?

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Those one or two friends is a start. Then there is constantly looking for work and doing all the ULB and LB shoots-- over and over meeting new people. Then there are forums such as this. Then there are regional events, film fests, and going to major events like Cinegear in NY ect. Then there are facebook groups ect. It's a process of building. I'd say 90% of the relationships don't lead to much more than a good person to get a drink with, 8% are people you never want to see ever again, 2% may get you work, .5% might be paying work, and .5% maybe will be your big break (not, numbers do not reflect reality in any way)-- but building a network takes time and there is no simple one size fits all approach aside from being around people who do film and treating everyone equally-- especially the interns and PAs.

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Online is ok, yes, but the real deal makers you will find in person. Like someone said already here, go to film festivals, a party or two, galas, get out and meet people for a real interactive experience and relationship in the industry.

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