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    Director, Producer, and Screenwriter at DreamFactory Entertainment. http://Facebook.com/officialDreamFactoryEnt and at Imagination Workshop Studio. Two of seven divisions of DreamFactory Studios LLC, Hunterdon County, New Jersey. I hire teams of crew to work on films creating the effects and visuals. http://Facebook.com/ImaginationWorkshopStudio
    I've worn a few hats in my day but I'm still learning something new all the time. Like writing, directing, producing, acting, camera and editing. Animatronics, Special Effects, Miniatures, Matte Painting, Art Department, Painting/Airbrushing, Sculpting, Life Casting, Mold Making, Set Construction, Puppets, Prosthetic Appliances, Fiberglass Underskulls, Eye Mechanisms, Mechanical FX, Acrylic Human/Creature Eyes, Prosthetic Dental Appliances, and Bluescreen visual effects photography.

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  1. The Spirit of 76 *thumbs up* Yes, it's just like the debates I hear about special effects and digital effects or CGI. All Departments must have 'em? There's a certain call for each, if the script called for millions of creatures or soldiers, then you go with digital/CGI. If the script called for a scene of two characters battling it out in combat, then go with special effects in which case probably live-action or in-camera techniques. Creature suits, animatronic heads, or rod & cable puppets. Oh, and... Faith defends me, because I believe.
  2. #KeepFilmAlive #Kodak_shootfilm #arri #panavision Hello everyone. I personally love film, celluloid, photochemical. But it all depends on the story, the script. And the production budget allotted. But at DreamFactory Studios we exclusively film with ARRI and PANAVISION whether digital cinema or motion picture film. Take care all and God Bless
  3. DreamFactory Studios Home Entertainment to present LUNCH (now a working title) is in being worked on by the Story Development Department at DreamFactory Entertainment and is currently awaiting production budget capital with investors on Slated: https://slated.com/films/204858/

  4. “From Imaginative Filmmakers at DreamFactory Studios comes LUNCH”
    An original, out of this world motion picture with outrageous overtones of fantasy, sci-fi, adventure and black comedy in development now. The creator and producers want to pay homage to their favorite movies of the 1980’s by using all the tricks in their bag with dazzling practical live-action special effects, costumes, make-up, miniatures, matte paintings, cloud tank effects, visual effects, props, sets and much more. Unforgettable songs. And non-stop adventure and laughs. It’s sure to delight the senses and captivate your heart.
    You Might Be Your Neighbors


  5. Here is the Answer. [on Kodak's new Super 8 camera and film in general] When I watch the news, I expect and want it to look like live television. However, I don't want that in my movies. I want our century-plus medium to keep its filmic look and I like seeing very fine, swimming grain up there on the screen. To me, it's just more alive and it imbues an image with mystery, so it's never literal. I love movies that aren't literally up in my face with images so clear there is nothing left to our imaginations. Had I shot it on a digital camera, the Omaha Beach landings in Saving Private Ryan (
  6. [on film] My favorite and preferred step between imagination and image is a strip of photochemistry that can be held, twisted, folded, looked at with the naked eye, or projected on to a surface for others to see. It has a scent and it is imperfect. If you get too close to the moving image, it's like impressionist art. And if you stand back, it can be utterly photo-realistic. You can watch the grain, which I like to think of as the visible, erratic molecules of a new creative language. After all, this "stuff" of dreams is mankind's most original medium, and dates back to 1895. Today, its years
  7. "Protecting film, this profound analog art form, is a race against the clock, and The Film Foundation has been winning this race since 1990, when Martin Scorsese, George Lucas and I started to realize that the films that we loved were physically disappearing before our very eyes. From the aspiring artists that we were as children to the filmmakers that we are today, we are an organization thats fully committed to the preservation of works that not only inspired us back then to make movies, but that continue to motivate us." ~ Steven Spielberg
  8. Please connect, collaborate, work, talk film, whatever, with me here http://Facebook.com/lunchsfx http://Facebook.com/officialDreamFactoryEnt http://Facebook.com/ImaginationWorkshopStudio http://twitter.com/ThomasJLuca http://twitter.com/i_w_s_effects http://Instagram.com/dreamfactoryent http://Instagram.com/imaginationworkshopstudio about.me/thomasluca
  9. #KeepFilmAlive #celluloid #photochemical #film #35mm #65mm #16mm I am passionate about film. Let's keep film in filmmaking.
  10. Hey, how are ya. Wow, Thanks fellas. This was great reading. Lots of knowledge here. I am bringing back eighties filmmaking with an homage picture, we are going to film in Panavision Platinum cameras and Arri 435 Xtreme cameras on Kodak motion picture film. In fact, here it is, please check it out http://Facebook.com/lunchsfx #KeepFilmAlive
  11. And if I lived near your area, I would have taken that KEM off your hands. I want to find one in really good condition to collect and use if the right Cutter comes along.
  12. It is disappointing and a real shame. I am determined to revive film. #KeepFilmAlive I am producing and directing a picture in development now of mine that I created that will be an homage or tribute to the eighties with a smörgåsbord of special effects. We are going to pull out all the tricks in the bag on this one. Well, maybe not all, but a lot. We are filming in Panaflex Platinum cameras, Arriflex 435 Xtreme cameras on Kodak motion picture film. This is the film here, please have a look http://Facebook.com/lunchsfx
  13. Although I prefer and adore photochemical, celluloid, this wonderful medium, whether it be 16mm, 35mm, or 65mm, it is a tool. Just as digital is a tool. And we as filmmakers have this huge palette of choices now to create or paint our pictures like never before. Just don't go too far. Because you can muddy the picture. Too much CGI is not good I think. I will film on Kodak Motion Picture Film and in Panavision Panaflex and ARRI Arriflex 435 Xtreme cameras and lenses and Cooke lenses whenever or wherever imaginable. To help keep it alive and filming. "The most expensive habit in the world i
  14. Oh, here's a video I found that will definitely help. It's some of the masters of miniature effects in Hollywood history so you can't go wrong learning a thing or two from this video. https://youtu.be/htWY43bEYA4
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