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Shiva Kumar

Accessories for Black magic cinema production camera 4k

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I got my BMD cam 4K. Using this to shoot feature film. Got very less budget. So kindly suggest the necessary accessories for this camera. How many hard disc we need for 150 mins movie. But want to shoot in 1: 10 ratio. I have nothing other than camera. Kindly suggest each and every part necessary for shoot.




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Well, you'll need batteries, I would recommend a V mount system, with a few V Mounts, you'll need a Monitor (SDI) and an EVF (with SDI Passthrough), as well as batteries for that. You'll need lenses, Zeiss Compact Primes would be a good bet for high quality and affordable. You'll need a tripod and a cage/rig system. I'd go 15mm liteweight, with a good 4x4 mattebox, swing away, if possible You'll also need at least a set of ND Filters, including NDIR for anything about .9

You'll need hard drives. On set, I think you could get away with 4x 240gb drives-- the camera doesn't do raw yet, check the BMD site for compatible SSDs. You'd also need a bunch of drives for backups-- I don't know the overall data yet, but I would budget for something like 12TB of storage, with some leeway-- that's about what we went through on a feature with the 2.5K in RAW.

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I had to get $2000 dollars in gold mount batteries from batteries4broadcast to power my rig for 12 hours.

The BMPC 4k pulls 30 watts of power plus my gefen wireless hdmi transmitter, small hd dp4 ,sdi to hdmi converter use approx. 20 watts.

I got the 4x 190 watt hour ones plus the 4x charger


I also had to buy 2TB of ssds and a black magic multidock

The viewfactor cage is nice. I also use an element technica micron dovetail system to easily adjust the center of gravity of the camera.

I use a DreamColor monitor with a HDLink pro as a lut box on a rolling stand for monitoring.

Needed a hdmi to sdi converter to convert the wireless hdmi signal to the hdlink's sdi input








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I have BM 4k and one of these rigs on order:




Will report back once I've had a play - looks good on paper.


I also got a set of the new cannon EF cinema primes, which are fantastic and a good match for the BM camera - if you need nice lenses.


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