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Hey all,


I'm shooting a piece in a few weeks set in an ice rink with one figure skater. The Director would like focused, but very soft light on a space within the rink (I'm thinking a 20' by 20') with the background almost void of detail.


I found this reference that she liked:


My initial reaction was rig up a wall of 60° angled 750W Lekos with large diffusion, used and loved by Shane Hurlbut for stage-like lighting. I really like the idea of shaping ellipsoidal light.


I know there are probably umpteen ways to do it. What are your thoughts?


With deep appreciation,




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She's side lit from camera right, with a hard source from a fairly steep angle. This could well be some kind of ellipsoidal like a Source 4, which would help with keeping a tightly contained beam. There is also what looks like a soft fill from just off camera, slightly to the right side. You can occasionally spot a reflection of a large soft source in leather of her skates.

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I don't think it's a source 4, judging by the shape it makes on the floor - and I doubt they'd have enough punch. Also it would flicker like mad on the high speed shots.


Possibly it's an HMI par, but I suspect it's probably just a 5 or 10K fresnel. I suspect that a lot of the 'soft light' you're seeing is just reflected off the ice - or just a bit of poly board flown in for the clos ups.


However, if you're looking for something soft, yet focusable maybe think about getting a Briese light. The umbrella reflector makes it a lot like an episoidal

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