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Erasing Alexa SxS in Disk Utility (OS X Yosemite)

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It seems I can no longer do this and I'm really not sure why... The button is greyed out.


Anyone else experiencing this problem or know how to fix it?


Currently running OS X 10.10.5.

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Have you used shot put pro at all.. you can set it to re format a card after the down load.. does the card icon come up on the desktop ?


Just tried it with disk utility .. SXS pro plus 128GB.. OS 10.10.5 air mac.. reading from sonnet TB reader ..


All comes up and erase button is live.. if the card is mounting,and not protected .. thats odd you cant erase ..


Sorry not to be more helpful.. but i don't think its an OS.. SxS conflict.. try another card ?

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