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false color and view mode

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hi ,

I wonder if the false color effected by the view mode. the false color will change when view mode from ITU790 to logc or raw ?

false color in redone is diffrent to in alexa ?


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It depends on the camera unfortunately. With false colour on the Alexa for example, false colour monitoring gives you values related to the image you're seeing through the viewfinder - so if you're looking at Rec709 LUT in the viewfinder, you get false colour values based on that Rec709 curve; conversely, if you're looking at a LogC image, you get values based on that.


It's really frustrating if you're recording in LogC but want to monitor in Rec709, because you have to switch out of Rec709 mode and into to LogC to check your false colour, then switch everything back in order to get your monitoring look again. A whole bunch of convoluted stages that chew up precious minutes over the course of a day.


What you really want (if you're shooting a log format) is false colour tied to the underlying log image, that you can access at the press of a button without having to change or interrupt your monitoring LUTs - that's the way every camera should be setup in my opinion (or at the very least, have the option of configuring it to be that way).

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this image is about expose level judged by false color. my question is whether it is alexa or red false color? the false color is not the same as expose to the Caucasian or Mongolia? who can give me a accurate image indication?
In my experience,when i expose the face, the correct level is the highlight of face appear pink ,is it right? thanks!


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Clearly in this case, the false color system makes orange & red indicate overexpose and blues to indicate underexposure, so that just leaves pink and green for normal exposure of a face, with the highlights being pink.

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