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WANTED: Elmo C300, Konvas OCT-19 Lens, Scoopic MS Battery Charger

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Looking to buy:


1. Elmo C-300 with the DS-8 Magazine back and eyepiece extender, etc.


2. A Konvas 2M Lens and Magazines (OCT/OST-19 Mount); Looking for a decent used lens to start me off and some used magazines, don't have to be in great condition.


3. A battery charger for the Scoopic MS 12v battery.


Thanks for reading/replying to my post.

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I am actually in need of the crystal-sync motor as well. I'd be happy to buy that along with 2 of the 60m magazines. Give me your price for the motor + Magazines



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I have 4 Konvas 2M bodies for sale with 4 sync motors a pelican case and an original case if you want it.


two of the bodies are from 1993 & are in immaculate condition and all of my magazines are in the same condition. I regularly maintain them.


I have a sound barney for the Konvas 2M and Magazines.


I have two sets of matte boxes which come with baseplates and dovetails and metal mattes


my third Konvas is a modified 1M with an M42 mount and I will include 4 lenses - three of which are from Praktica VLC which are Ziess


all of this gear ships from NYC


MSG me if your interested.

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Motor 17EP-16APK crystal+ 3x 60 m mags, price $400, paypal.


What more accessories Konvasa you still need? I can add 2 film frame gate, "Normal" and "anamorphic", may still be some details, including the price of 400 dollars. I can sell for a fee anamorphic viewfinder. Just parcel from Russia is very expensive, I do not profitable to send cheap, better more items to sell you.

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