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Merry Christmas! With an amazing magic lens LOMO 35 mm

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I found an amazing lens LOMO OKC 35mm F2 with PL mount, perfect for special, amazing pictures. It has a central hole in one of the glass gives hallowed halos around objects and boke in the shape of circle. In the movie version with a Pl mount and ARRI focus ring gear.




Perfect for the Christmas lights. It is also a soft focus lens of, gives an amazing picture. Sample images from this lens:







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I've worked on some Lomos that had this fault, I believe it's a pool of oil that has leached from the lens grease, settled in the middle of a concave element (probably one facing into the iris cavity), and then hardened. It severely compromises the contrast and resolution, but can produce interesting effects.


It also causes a curious phenomenon where stopping the lens down actually makes the image softer, since you are only using the oil pool area to transmit light.

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