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Beaulieu cable release

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Someone recommend me a good cable release, which does not cost much, compatible with a Beaulieu 4008 ZM II? For single frame and release button. The original ones can not seem to find them.

Beaulieu.de also seems to don't have the original.

Thank you. :)

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The picture shown on the beaulieu.de site looks to me just like a regular cable release with a conical thread.

I have a few of the original Beaulieu cable releases that are straight thread and extremely sturdy.

Contact me off the board if you're interested.

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Oh, I saw this post too late. I already took the original cable release, but I'm sure you would help me very well, Jean-Louis!

What a pity!

I am Luigi C., from Italy! :)

However I meant just that: the cable sold in the shop above it's only a compatible cable, not the original. I was looking for the original, which now I found.

Thanks also to everyone for the answers. :)

P.S. Jean-Louis, you have, perhaps, an original Beaulieu case for 4008 ZM II, the bag in the little version? The "non-rigid" version.

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I had taken a good release cable, not original but compatible, brand Gitzo, but after repeated use it literally broken in my hand!

So: what is a good cable release compatible with Beaulieu 4008 ZM II? What features should it get? Someone know good and compatible model on the web? I can use those I have for Bolex H8 or for Krasnogorsk 3, in order to save money? :)

Even if they don't have the comfortable curved, no problem.

Thank you!

@ Jean-Louis: we are far away, but if I not find one good or the ones thate I have are not compatible I can also make the intercontinental shipping charges.

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