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If you're referring to the original Scoopic 16, it's a Hirose connector part number RM12WBP-4S(71).

Digikey has it as part number HR1793-ND. The cable clamp is sold separately.


Thanks so much! You wouldn't happen to know the part number for the clamp? I can't seem to find the right one. I'm very new to this

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Once again, thank you! So now the trick would be connecting it to a cable and power source. Is it as easy as just removing whatever the connection is on the external pack and replacing it with this one?

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The cable clamp is available in 4 types accordong to the diameter in millimeters of the cable used.

Hirose # RM12WBP-CP(x)(71)

Replace x with either 4, 5, 6 or 7

Digikey # HR1800-ND thru HR1804-ND


Refer to catalog page 429


As for the connector on the battery pack side, 4pin XLR (male) is the standard.

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Hey, Jean-Louis,

Can I tap your encyclopedic lore and ask what is the spec for the stepped 2 pin connector for the ACL ergonomic handgrip. I'll put a separate thread on it so that the categorisation makes it easy to find for others later..



Gregg (Gregoire).

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