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Francesco Glavina

Rotate Camera on Lens Axis

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What is the best way to rotate the camera on lens axis smoothly (and cheap)?

I tried with tripod head rigged to position the camera on the pan control knob, and it work, but it's not clean, because of the camera weight(and it's a 5D).

Do you have suggestions?


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heavy-duty steel L bracket from hardware store - mount the camera lens to the sky on it, and your tripod plate to the other side of the L. Lay your tripod on a table/platform/box of some kind and strap it down so the head is hanging off the end a short amount. Use the pan axis of your tripod to spin around the lens - adjust the fore/aft slide on your tripod plate to center the lens on the center of the sticks. Real "improvised" but cheap and effective with a lightweight camera like that.

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You could rent a Lambda head for this task as well.


On a recent job production rented a letus helix (or something similar) for because they needed this effect on a steadicam.

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