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  1. Falcon eyes has a range of cheap LED mats: Intellytech has foldable LED mats in a similar vein: Both now have RGB versions as well.
  2. Vintage C mount lenses would be an option on the old pocket IMO and they come with their own bag of worries. The new pocket has a larger sensor, not the S16 of its predecessor so they don't play at all. I have an Angenieux 15-150 with the older pocket and while I really like using it, from about 15 to 30 it's a dog of a lens with wierd areas in unexpected places that are blurred. I would advise you to monitor this thread: http://www.bmcuser.com/showthread.php?22425-Soft-edges-with-wide-angle-lenses-on-the-BMP4K as there seems to be some kind of not wholly documented issue with the new pocket and certain lens combinations. The Oly pro zooms have the big bonus of having repeatable manual focusing whereas the panasonic equivalent does not as the focus speed changes based on the speed of the focus ring turning, so that would be a definite pro to watch.
  3. Skypanels use them so you'd be in good company.
  4. The big question is the amperage, at low amperage, you could get away with a lot of stuff, but at higher amps it is more interesting. For instance, some XLR are rated as high as 16 A. Speakons are rated 30A or 40A.
  5. If you have the space and are willing to forgo the convenience of LEDs, I would also recommend getting some fresnel lamps off of ebay, you can build up a set from 350 to 2k without any trouble for peanuts. Avoid "AS ARRI" chinese lamps and go for ARRI, Desisti or Mole Richardson used lights. I have some 2.5K softlights I got on ebay, they can be useful if you have the time to set them up and the space to store them. I really like the dedolight spots but they are pretty expensive, even on the used market. If you are going for LED (and don't want to spring for ARRI), Aputure and Lupoled are two brands that are worthy of attention. Lupo has the highest output 1x1 panel AFAIK and Aputure has a nice COB light (with a bowens mount so you can use all kinds of light shapers) and panels. The bigger of Aputures COB lights has a loud psu, so you may want to stick with the 120D. I've been disappointed in the light output of LED fresnels so far, while the skypanel has nice output, the LC fresnels don't seem to be up to scratch.
  6. Can you tell us about your budget and transport options?
  7. The Sigma ART lenses (cine or not) have a great image quality, I don't think they can be mentioned on the same page as the middling Rokinons - I haven't had experience with the XEENs, but the "normal" cinestyle rokinons are really nothing special.
  8. Very interesting effect, makes it surreal. Reminds me of deep dream images
  9. this might help regarding filter choice. No substitute for seeing/testing for yourself though.
  10. If you don't have money for filters, using stockings over the front or the back of the lens can help: http://coltondavie.com/tests/testing-net-diffusion/
  11. I bought a lot of old fresnel lights and tungsten softlights off ebay, it's doable even in europe Its nice to have a basic light package that you can use, but keep in mind that stands and cstands and flags and floppies and frames all cost money too and there isnt any shiny new LED making the old stands obsolete
  12. Nila has some powerful LED lights, but the ones with a 2kw tungsten equivalency will be over your price. Intellytech as well. I have not worked with either, merely seen the specs. Both are cheaper than ARRI / Mole
  13. I went this route last year, ebayed a bunch of old tungsten fixtures. 1K-5K . Desisti fixtures can be had for much cheaper than arri on ebay. They are useful to have lying around, for projects that don't have rental budgets and so on. One problem with this is that for them to be really useful, you need a full kit of C-stands, flags and so on because rental houses where I am are loath to rent out just a few accessories like that. You also need a couple of sturdy combo stands, but there is nothing wrong with that.
  14. You could rent a Lambda head for this task as well. On a recent job production rented a letus helix (or something similar) for because they needed this effect on a steadicam.
  15. That channel is amazing, I stumbled upon it a while ago and it's a wonderful learning resource.
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