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kinoptic paris yellow discolouration

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On the SRs I used to work on, a yellowed viewfinder was caused by deterioration of the glue in the pechan prism, which was only rectified by replacing the prism. I never did it, but possibly you could have the prism split and reglued.


Whether its the same issue with your Kinoptik viewfinder I cant say.

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everything looks a bit yellowish through the viewfinder... is there a way to get it clear again?


Just to help people know what you are thinking about... Is this the fully orrientable Kinoptik viewfinder for the ACL

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Think about all the glass and mirrors the image is passing through to get to your eye. You can disassemble the viewfinder and make sure all the glass surfaces inside are clean with a q-tip. Inside the camera your mirror can get dirty or scratched, clean this from the front. The ground glass is usually the brownest of the layers, not much you can do about this yourself. Bernie offers Laser Brightening which is said to work wonders for this issue.

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