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  1. hi looking into "vintage" / cheap tripod systems for the acl II. Has anyone experiences with old miller fluid heads? I need something reliable and cheap - just for the camera with a small magazin attached - no huge rig. Other recommendations are also appreciated. example of vintage miller head: https://picclick.com/Miller-Vintage-Tripod-Head-Professional-Fluid-Action-Bowl-264206093493.html
  2. I am wondering what has gone wrong here... I shot some iso 200 old kodak vision stock on the eclair acl2 (angenieux zoom) now sadly there is agressive super noisy sharp grain, like a layer on top of everything. I also used a Bolex and there is a lot less grain although I used the same film and light meter... now did I just underxpose too much? is it the scan? a combination of the latter?
  3. What about the Matte Box from Les Bosher? Is it recommended?
  4. everything looks a bit yellowish through the viewfinder... is there a way to get it clear again?
  5. Yes a mechanic I will be able to find but I wanna try to find the exact problem first to make the repair a swift operation. I think the problem is on the other side of the magazine -do you have a pic for the other side too - is there may be a second belt that could be broken?
  6. Sorry, yes the 60' mag works. Now I am trying to find out whats wrong with the 120'. I noticed that when I load a film into the 120' and turn the film-core a little bit then the wheels on the other (take up) side do not turn accordingly. So basically the feeder side is not motorized at all and the film gets just pulled through from the other side. I guess that's not supposed to be the case. PS: the link is not working
  7. I put the film in the 60m mag now and had a look at the 120'. Is is normal that the wheel on the feeder side is not connected to the take up wheel and the sprocket-wheel? When I turn one of the wheels on the 60' everything else turns accordingly.
  8. Would you recommend using reversal or negative 16mm film for scanning purposes? And with negatives is it then necessary to scan the positive print or is the negative the way to go? I found reversal film to be quite useful and good-looking with almost no need for color correction while I imagine with negatives I need to do a lot of light/color correction. Or can I just hit invert and it will be fine when exposed correctly?
  9. Hi, so I tried my 60m mag now with the old film and it works fine. So it seems to be the 120m mag that is the problem at last. I noticed that when I try to pull the film on the take up side there is quite a restistance when doing so on the 120m mag while on the 60m mag it is very smooth.
  10. hi, I was also wondering how to make 30m spools/ 60m cores from 120m cores. Is there some sort of adapter for my projector so I can fit cores on it?
  11. I will test the other magzine on the weekend, don't have it with me at the moment. No its fine material but it might be shrunken so the perforation is not accurate anymore and causes all the trouble.
  12. I asked the previous owner too and he said it could also just be the film I used here which is an old fuji 8662 that has been in dry storage for like 10 years. He suggested to put the film open in a darkchamber with around 80% humidity for 12 hours- sounds easy- let's hope that works. Has anyone else had problems with old film on the Eclair or other cameras?
  13. I rewatched my own video and to me it seems the upper loop is lost first. There is also damage from the claws up there on the film. Also the camera and mags were serviced regularly.
  14. I see, yes that makes sense, I will try another mag soon. I first thought it might be an issue on the feeder-side... may be the unwinding of the film does not happen as smooth as it should. May be that could explain why the loop is fine when winding it by hand and still kinda ok for a couple of secondes on really slow framerates and then messed up immediately with faster framerates?! Anyways, so if my 60m mag will be fine then it must be something with the 120m mag I haveo here or is there then still a possibility that the body/ the claw has an issue?
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