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Max Field

Anyone Have A Thomson Viper?

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This camera intrigues me. I wonder what it's going for in 2018...


I also wonder about the dynamic range.

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About eleven stops, although they clip in a reasonably nice, analogue-CCD sort of way. If you overlook the weird black-pixel overflow errors, which are fixable.


I, too, have a certain romantic recollection of the thing, since much good work was done with it and it'd be a lot easier to use now. The sad reality is that it's greatly outperformed by even quite basic modern cameras, in terms of dynamic range, resolution, frame rate and sensitivity. And probably power consumption, I haven't checked. And size and weight. And compatibility with easily-available lenses, though the option to use Digiprimes is an attractive one.


Honestly, you might just as well shoot on something like the original Blackmagic 4K for global shutter and rely on downscaling to reduce noise.


Part of me wishes that Grass Valley would do something similar with one of their modern studio cameras, which often have extremely high performance in terms of sensitivity and frame rate. I couldn't encourage them to do that with any idea that it'd make money, though.



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