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Alexa Mini Package (130 Hours) (With Both Licenses)

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I'm selling my Alexa Mini that is in perfect shape. I purchased this back in 2017 when I was visiting Germany for a shoot. The Mini has never been rented out to anyone. It has low hours because I haven't been shooting lately due to family problems, divorce, etc. So the Alexa still looks and works brand new.

Asking Price: $59,000 OBO for the package below. $45,000 OBO for only the body.

1x ALEXA Mini Body (with 4/3 & Arriraw licenses) (130hrs)

1x ARRI ALEXA Mini Viewfinder MVF-1

2x ARRI ALEXA Mini to MVF-1 75cm Viewfinder Cable

1x ARRI Titanium PL Mount LDS with L-Bus Connector

1x ARRI MMB-2 Mini Matte Box Basic LWS Set

2x IDX System Technology CUE-D75 73Wh Li-Ion V-Mount Battery

2x Bebob Factory GmbH V155RM-CINE 14.8V 155Wh High Load V-Mount Li-Ion Battery

1x Bebob Factory GmbH 2-Channel Simultaneous Charger (V-Mount)

1x Wooden Camera ARRI Alexa Mini Accessory Kit (Base)

1x UVF Mount

1x WC-V Mount

1x Ethernet Cable RJ-45

1x CamBag HD Large

3x CFast 2.0 Card Reader

1x Rod Clamp

1x 15mm Rod

3x CFast 2.0 Card 128GB

I paid a little over $70,000 in total for this package so you will be saving some money and time. If you are thinking about purchasing a body brand new on AbelCine then first get in touch with me. You will only be paying $4000 extra for a complete package. I tested the camera out and I can honestly rate the condition a 9.5 out of 10. It's not a 10 out of 10 because It's not unopened or brand new in the box. But it has low hours, function and looks new.

The package is located in Lawrence, Kansas so feel free to come check it out. Shipping is no issue and I can ship anywhere in the world.

Please get in touch if you are interested and for pictures, etc - jasonsinclairdp@gmail.com

Looking forward and hoping to get this sold before next month.


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Jason is trying to sell the same Alexa Mini to several different people at the same time!
He accepted our funds and acknowledged that and said the camera was shipped. Meanwhile.
he is telling other people the camera is still available for sale. In the meantime, he has not
provided any tracking number.


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Always a very risky when dealing with someone who has only made two posts to the forum and buying an extremely high value item. At least you have a physical phone number for him you can ring, does he really live in Kansas? At least he isn't overseas!!



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